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Research Expertise & Professional Interests Dr. Fabian’s research combines expertise in housing, indoor air, respiratory infectious disease transmission, geographical information systems (GIS), and systems science thinking. In the Center for Research on Environmental & Social Stressors in Housing Across the Life Course (CRESSH) her research group constructed large geospatial databases to understand environmental health disparities related to air pollution and urban heat exposures, which are now are being applied to understand community risk factors of Covid-19 transmission. She is currently co-leading a study of heat exposure and heat vulnerability in the cities of Chelsea and East Boston (C-HEAT), applying mixed methods to understand risk factors and to support the design of climate adaptation interventions at individual, household, community, and city levels. Her research group built the first systems science model linking housing, indoor air quality, and energy use with individual, housing, and neighborhood characteristics to understand tradeoffs and interventions related to pediatric asthma (ASTHMA). Combined with expertise in respiratory virus particle generation, these models are being used to understand transmission of Covid-19 and other infectious respiratory diseases in homes and other buildings, focusing on the impact of built environment interventions on transmission, indoor air quality, and energy use.
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Academic Article Simulating indoor concentrations of NO(2) and PM(2.5) in multifamily housing for use in health-based intervention modeling.
Academic Article Moving environmental justice indoors: understanding structural influences on residential exposure patterns in low-income communities.
Academic Article The effects of indoor environmental exposures on pediatric asthma: a discrete event simulation model.
Academic Article A simulation model of building intervention impacts on indoor environmental quality, pediatric asthma, and costs.
Academic Article Modeling Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) Infiltration in Low-Income Multifamily Housing before and after Building Energy Retrofits.
Academic Article Temporal trends in air pollution exposure inequality in Massachusetts.
Academic Article Modeling the resiliency of energy-efficient retrofits in low-income multifamily housing.
Academic Article ISES, RTI
Academic Article The impact of air exchange rate on ambient air pollution exposure and inequalities across all residential parcels in Massachusetts.
Academic Article Characterizing community-wide housing attributes using georeferenced street-level photography.
Academic Article Effects of Maternal Homelessness, Supplemental Nutrition Programs, and Prenatal PM2.5 on Birthweight.
Academic Article Prenatal Ambient Particulate Matter Exposure and Longitudinal Weight Growth Trajectories in Early Childhood.

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