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Concept Toll-Like Receptors
Concept Toll-Like Receptor 2
Concept Toll-Like Receptor 3
Concept Toll-Like Receptor 4
Concept Toll-Like Receptor 7
Concept Toll-Like Receptor 8
Concept Toll-Like Receptor 9
Academic Article Chromatin-IgG complexes activate B cells by dual engagement of IgM and Toll-like receptors.
Academic Article Toll-like receptors and activation of autoreactive B cells.
Academic Article Toll-like receptor 9-dependent and -independent dendritic cell activation by chromatin-immunoglobulin G complexes.
Academic Article T-bet: the Toll-bridge to class-switch recombination?
Academic Article The stimulation of Toll-like receptors by nuclear antigens: a link between apoptosis and autoimmunity.
Academic Article Comparison of CpG s-ODNs, chromatin immune complexes, and dsDNA fragment immune complexes in the TLR9-dependent activation of rheumatoid factor B cells.
Academic Article RNA-associated autoantigens activate B cells by combined B cell antigen receptor/Toll-like receptor 7 engagement.
Academic Article Toll-like receptors, endogenous ligands, and systemic autoimmune disease.
Academic Article Immunologically active autoantigens: the role of toll-like receptors in the development of chronic inflammatory disease.
Academic Article DNA and RNA autoantigens as autoadjuvants.
Academic Article Murine dendritic cell type I IFN production induced by human IgG-RNA immune complexes is IFN regulatory factor (IRF)5 and IRF7 dependent and is required for IL-6 production.
Academic Article TLR4 ligands induce IFN-alpha production by mouse conventional dendritic cells and human monocytes after IFN-beta priming.
Academic Article Murine B cell response to TLR7 ligands depends on an IFN-beta feedback loop.
Academic Article Requirement for DNA CpG content in TLR9-dependent dendritic cell activation induced by DNA-containing immune complexes.
Academic Article Poly(I:C) drives type I IFN- and TGFß-mediated inflammation and dermal fibrosis simulating altered gene expression in systemic sclerosis.
Academic Article Role for interferon regulatory factors in autoimmunity.
Academic Article Role for toll-like receptors in autoimmune disease: the example of systemic lupus erythematosus.
Academic Article Evaluating the role of nucleic acid antigens in murine models of systemic lupus erythematosus.
Academic Article Promotion of Inflammatory Arthritis by Interferon Regulatory Factor 5 in a Mouse Model.
Academic Article Inhibition of type 4 cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase blocks intracellular TLR signaling in chronic lymphocytic leukemia and normal hematopoietic cells.
Academic Article CpGB DNA activates dermal macrophages and specifically recruits inflammatory monocytes into the skin.
Academic Article Follicular Dendritic Cell Activation by TLR Ligands Promotes Autoreactive B Cell Responses.
Academic Article TLR sensing of bacterial spore-associated RNA triggers host immune responses with detrimental effects.
Grant Toll-like Receptors in the Pathogenesis of SLE and Immunologically-Mediated Renal Disease
Grant Role of Toll-like Receptors in Dendritic Cell Activation by Chromatin-Containing Immune Complexes
Grant Toll-like Receptors in the Pathogenisis

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