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Research Expertise & Professional Interests Richard Saitz MD, MPH, FACP (Fellow, American College of Physicians), DFASAM (Distinguished Fellow, American Society of Addiction Medicine), is a general internist (diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine, DABIM) and primary care physician, an addiction medicine specialist (diplomate of the American Board of Addiction Medicine, DABAM), Chair and Professor of Community Health Sciences at Boston University (BU) School of Public Health, and Professor of Medicine at BU School of Medicine. He Chaired the Treatment and Services review committee for the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, is former Editor of Evidence-Based Medicine, associate editor of JAMA, and Senior Editor of Journal of Addiction Medicine, Section Editor and sole author of key chapters in UpToDate on unhealthy substance use, an editor of the ASAM Principles of Addiction Medicine textbook, Editor Emeritus of Addiction Science & Clinical Practice, and author of over two hundred peer-reviewed publications. He was Director of Boston Medical Center’s Clinical Addiction Research and Education (CARE) Unit for over a decade, has been Chairman of an Institutional Review Board, Associate Director of Clinical Research for BU, President of the Association for Medical Education and Research in Substance Abuse (AMERSA), steering committee member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT), and is coordinating committee member of International Network for Brief Intervention for Alcohol and other drug problems (INEBRIA). He is on the International Society of Addiction Journal Editors (ISAJE) Board now as Vice President. His primary areas of expertise supported by NIH, RWJF, and SAMHSA, are screening and brief intervention, integrating substance-related and general health care, improving the quality of care for people with unhealthy substance use, particularly in general health settings, and basing care on science. He validated single-item screening questions recommended by NIDA and NIAAA. Awards: Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society, Boston Jaycees Ten Outstanding Young Leaders Award, Best Doctors in America®, AMERSA’s W. Anderson Spickard, Jr. Excellence in Mentorship Award, the R. Brinkley Smithers Distinguished Scientist Award (ASAM), Research Society on Alcoholism Distinguished Researcher Award.
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Concept Alcoholism
Academic Article Recognition and management of occult alcohol withdrawal.
Academic Article Individualized treatment for alcohol withdrawal. A randomized double-blind controlled trial.
Academic Article Alcohol withdrawal: a nationwide survey of inpatient treatment practices.
Academic Article Pharmacotherapies for alcohol abuse. Withdrawal and treatment.
Academic Article The impact of alcohol-related diagnoses on pneumonia outcomes.
Academic Article Physician unawareness of serious substance abuse.
Academic Article Screening tests for alcohol use disorders.
Academic Article Management of adults recovering from alcohol or other drug problems: relapse prevention in primary care.
Academic Article Patients with alcohol problems.
Academic Article Alcohol abuse and dependence in Latinos living in the United States: validation of the CAGE (4M) questions.
Academic Article Managing alcohol withdrawal in the elderly.
Academic Article The value of acupuncture detoxification programs in a substance abuse treatment system.
Academic Article Improving alcoholism treatment across the spectrum of services.
Academic Article Validation of the screening strategy in the NIAAA "Physicians' Guide to Helping Patients with Alcohol Problems".
Academic Article Screening and intervention for alcohol problems. A national survey of primary care physicians and psychiatrists.
Academic Article The impact of leaving against medical advice on hospital resource utilization.
Academic Article Benefits of linking primary medical care and substance abuse services: patient, provider, and societal perspectives.
Academic Article Addressing alcohol problems in primary care: a cluster randomized, controlled trial of a systems intervention. The screening and intervention in primary care (SIP) study.
Academic Article Linking alcohol- and drug-dependent adults to primary medical care: a randomized controlled trial of a multi-disciplinary health intervention in a detoxification unit.
Academic Article Injury among detoxification patients: alcohol users' greater risk.
Academic Article Burden of medical illness in drug- and alcohol-dependent persons without primary care.
Academic Article Alcohol use disorders: screening and diagnosis.
Academic Article Web-based screening and brief intervention for the spectrum of alcohol problems.
Academic Article Introduction to alcohol withdrawal.
Academic Article Challenges applying alcohol brief intervention in diverse practice settings: populations, outcomes, and costs.
Academic Article Readiness to change in primary care patients who screened positive for alcohol misuse.
Academic Article Emergency department and hospital utilization among alcohol and drug-dependent detoxification patients without primary medical care.
Academic Article Barriers to treatment of hepatitis C in HIV/HCV-coinfected adults with alcohol problems.
Academic Article Substance abuse treatment and receipt of liver specialty care among persons coinfected with HIV/HCV who have alcohol problems.
Academic Article The association between hepatitis C infection and prevalent cardiovascular disease among HIV-infected individuals.
Academic Article Overdose after detoxification: a prospective study.
Academic Article Brief intervention for medical inpatients with unhealthy alcohol use: a randomized, controlled trial.
Academic Article A cautionary note regarding count models of alcohol consumption in randomized controlled trials.
Academic Article Hepatitis C infection is associated with depressive symptoms in HIV-infected adults with alcohol problems.
Academic Article Screening and brief intervention online for college students: the ihealth study.
Academic Article Risk of mortality during four years after substance detoxification in urban adults.
Academic Article Associations between alcohol, heroin, and cocaine use and high risk sexual behaviors among detoxification patients.
Academic Article Primary care quality and addiction severity: a prospective cohort study.
Academic Article Impact of hepatitis C on HIV progression in adults with alcohol problems.
Academic Article Awareness of hepatitis C diagnosis is associated with less alcohol use among persons co-infected with HIV.
Academic Article Recent drug use, homelessness and increased short-term mortality in HIV-infected persons with alcohol problems.
Academic Article Interpersonal violence exposure and alcohol treatment utilization among medical inpatients with alcohol dependence.
Academic Article Treatment of alcohol and other drug dependence.
Academic Article Screening and brief intervention enter their 5th decade.
Academic Article 'No-contact' interventions for unhealthy college drinking:efficacy of alternatives to person-delivered intervention approaches.
Academic Article Comparing alcohol screening measures among HIV-infected and -uninfected men.
Academic Article A web-based Alcohol Clinical Training (ACT) curriculum: is in-person faculty development necessary to affect teaching?
Academic Article Alcohol counseling reflects higher quality of primary care.
Academic Article Primary care validation of a single-question alcohol screening test.
Academic Article Some medical inpatients with unhealthy alcohol use may benefit from brief intervention.
Academic Article Unhealthy drinking patterns and receipt of preventive medical services by older adults.
Academic Article Alcohol consumption and lipodystrophy in HIV-infected adults with alcohol problems.
Academic Article Improvements in readiness to change and drinking in primary care patients with unhealthy alcohol use: a prospective study.
Academic Article Cost-effectiveness of screening for unhealthy alcohol use with % carbohydrate deficient transferrin: results from a literature-based decision analytic computer model.
Academic Article Does readiness to change predict subsequent alcohol consumption in medical inpatients with unhealthy alcohol use?
Academic Article Factor structure of the SOCRATES questionnaire in hospitalized medical patients.
Academic Article SBIRT in emergency care settings: are we ready to take it to scale?
Academic Article Internal medicine residency training for unhealthy alcohol and other drug use: recommendations for curriculum design.
Academic Article Sensitivity/specificity of alcohol amounts in seniors.
Academic Article Factors associated with favorable drinking outcome 12 months after hospitalization in a prospective cohort study of inpatients with unhealthy alcohol use.
Academic Article The mixed evidence for brief intervention in emergency departments, trauma care centers, and inpatient hospital settings: what should we do?
Academic Article Physical health and drinking among medical inpatients with unhealthy alcohol use: a prospective study.
Academic Article Most inpatients with unhealthy alcohol use have an alcohol use disorder.
Academic Article Alcohol consumption patterns in HIV-infected adults with alcohol problems.
Academic Article Adolescent alcohol use and violence: are brief interventions the answer?
Academic Article Alcohol screening and brief intervention in primary care: Absence of evidence for efficacy in people with dependence or very heavy drinking.
Academic Article Do attitudes about unhealthy alcohol and other drug (AOD) use impact primary care professionals' readiness to implement AOD-related preventive care?
Academic Article Oral health of substance-dependent individuals: impact of specific substances.
Academic Article Substance abuse treatment utilization among adults living with HIV/AIDS and alcohol or drug problems.
Academic Article Chronic disease and recent addiction treatment utilization among alcohol and drug dependent adults.
Academic Article Operating characteristics of carbohydrate-deficient transferrin (CDT) for identifying unhealthy alcohol use in adults with HIV infection.
Academic Article Young adults at risk for excess alcohol consumption are often not asked or counseled about drinking alcohol.
Academic Article Effect of quality chronic disease management for alcohol and drug dependence on addiction outcomes.
Academic Article Science to improve care for people affected by unhealthy alcohol and other drug use.
Academic Article Mental health conditions, individual and job characteristics and sleep disturbances among firefighters.
Academic Article Screening and brief intervention (SBI): has it hit the tipping point?
Academic Article Is a patient's type of substance dependence (alcohol, drug or both) associated with the quality of primary care they receive?
Academic Article Impact of lifetime alcohol use on liver fibrosis in a population of HIV-infected patients with and without hepatitis C coinfection.
Academic Article Chronic care management for dependence on alcohol and other drugs: the AHEAD randomized trial.
Academic Article Marijuana use and achievement of abstinence from alcohol and other drugs among people with substance dependence: a prospective cohort study.
Academic Article Validation of Self-Administered Single-Item Screening Questions (SISQs) for Unhealthy Alcohol and Drug Use in Primary Care Patients.
Academic Article When quality indicators undermine quality: bias in a quality indicator of follow-up for alcohol misuse.
Academic Article ACP Journal Club. Gabapentin increased complete abstinence in alcohol-dependent patients seeking treatment.
Academic Article Lost in translation: The perils of implementing alcohol brief intervention when there are gaps in evidence and its interpretation.
Academic Article The best evidence for alcohol screening and brief intervention in primary care supports efficacy, at best, not effectiveness: you say tomato, I say tomato? That''s not all it''s about.
Academic Article Inflammatory cytokines and mortality in a cohort of HIV-infected adults with alcohol problems.
Academic Article Use of a single alcohol screening question to identify other drug use.
Academic Article How accurate are blood (or breath) tests for identifying self-reported heavy drinking among people with alcohol dependence?
Academic Article [Acamprosate and naltrexone: similar efficacy for relapse].
Academic Article A Brief Patient Self-administered Substance Use Screening Tool for Primary Care: Two-site Validation Study of the Substance Use Brief Screen (SUBS).
Academic Article Drinking patterns of older adults with chronic medical conditions.
Academic Article Does experiencing homelessness affect women''s motivation to change alcohol or drug use?
Academic Article Massachusetts Health Reform''s Effect on Hospitalizations with Substance Use Disorder-Related Diagnoses.
Academic Article Rethinking alcohol interventions in health care: a thematic meeting of the International Network on Brief Interventions for Alcohol & Other Drugs (INEBRIA).
Academic Article HIV-infected individuals who use alcohol and other drugs, and virologic suppression.
Academic Article Effect of electronic brief intervention on uptake of specialty treatment in hospital outpatients with likely alcohol dependence: Pilot randomized trial and qualitative interviews.
Academic Article Development and differentiability of three brief interventions for risky alcohol use that include varying doses of motivational interviewing.
Award or Honor Receipt Distinguished Researcher
Academic Article A 4-Part Literature-Based Series
Academic Article Effect of electronic screening and brief intervention on hazardous or harmful drinking among adults in the hospital outpatient setting: A randomized, double-blind, controlled trial.
Academic Article Medications for Alcohol Use Disorder and Predicting Severe Withdrawal.
Academic Article Screening for Unhealthy Alcohol Use.
Academic Article Development of a tailored, telehealth intervention to address chronic pain and heavy drinking among people with HIV infection: integrating perspectives of patients in HIV care.
Academic Article Deaths and Years of Potential Life Lost From Excessive Alcohol Use - United States, 2011-2015.
Academic Article Deaths and Years of Potential Life Lost From Excessive Alcohol Use - United States, 2011-2015.
Grant Oral v Injection Naltrexone in Hospital: Comparative Effectiveness for Alcoholism

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