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Research Expertise & Professional Interests Expertise includes: Understanding the underlying mechanisms for racial/ethnic disparities in health and health care by studying psychosocial and demographic correlates of health-related behaviors (especially treatment decision making and acceptance of recommended therapies), and health outcomes; Understanding the impact of MA health reform on disparities in care and outcomes of care; Health services and clinical research.
Self-Described Keywords healthcare disparities
Self-Described Keywords disparities
Self-Described Keywords health status disparities

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Concept Health Status Disparities
Concept Healthcare Disparities
Academic Article Racial disparities in participation in biomedical research.
Academic Article Contribution of the Veterans Health Administration in understanding racial disparities in access and utilization of health care: a spirit of inquiry.
Academic Article Use of smoking cessation interventions and aspirin for secondary prevention: are there racial disparities?
Academic Article Racial/Ethnic disparities in health care: lessons from medicine for dentistry.
Academic Article Exploring racial and sociodemographic trends in physician behavior, physician trust and their association with blood pressure control.
Academic Article Perceptions of race/ethnicity-based discrimination: a review of measures and evaluation of their usefulness for the health care setting.
Academic Article Prevalence of early childhood caries among very young urban Boston children compared with US children.
Academic Article Perceived racial discrimination in health care and its association with patients' healthcare experiences: does the measure matter?
Academic Article Understanding contributors to racial disparities in blood pressure control.
Academic Article Race differences in cardiac catheterization: the role of social contextual variables.
Academic Article Understanding racial disparities in treatment intensification for hypertension management.
Academic Article Massachusetts reform and disparities in inpatient care utilization.
Academic Article Centers for cardiovascular outcomes research: defining a collaborative vision.
Academic Article Racial Disparities in Patient Safety Indicator (PSI) Rates in the Veterans Health Administration. In Henriksen K, Battles JB, Keyes MA, Grady ML, editors. Advances in Patient Safety
Academic Article Explaining racial disparities in anticoagulation control: results from a study of patients at the Veterans Administration.
Academic Article Effect of Massachusetts healthcare reform on racial and ethnic disparities in admissions to hospital for ambulatory care sensitive conditions: retrospective analysis of hospital episode statistics.
Academic Article Race/ethnicity identification: vital for disparities research, quality improvement, and much more than "meets the eye".
Academic Article Race/Ethnicity and overuse of care: a systematic review.
Academic Article Massachusetts health reform and disparities in joint replacement use: difference in differences study.
Academic Article A Tale of Two Patients: Patient-Centered Approaches to Adherence as a Gateway to Reducing Disparities.
Academic Article Massachusetts Health Reform''s Effect on Hospitals'' Racial Mix of Patients and on Patients'' Use of Safety-net Hospitals.
Academic Article A Brief, Multifaceted, Generic Intervention to Improve Blood Pressure Control and Reduce Disparities Had Little Effect.
Academic Article Dental Care in an Equal Access System Valuing Equity: Are There Racial Disparities?
Academic Article Race/ethnicity, and Americans'' perceptions and experiences of over- and under-use of care: a cross-sectional study.
Academic Article Disparities in Potentially Preventable Hospitalizations: Near-National Estimates for Hispanics.
Academic Article Hospital Payer and Racial/Ethnic Mix at Private Academic Medical Centers in Boston and New York City.
Academic Article Racial/ethnic disparities among Asian Americans in inpatient acute myocardial infarction mortality in the United States.
Academic Article Racial Differences in Insurance Stability After Health Insurance Reform.

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