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Research Expertise & Professional Interests Josée Dupuis, Ph.D, is a Professor and Chair of Biostatistics at Boston University School of Public Health. She previously held a faculty position at Northwestern University and a senior statistical geneticist position at Genome Therapeutics Corporation, a small biotech company. She has extensive experience in the development and application of methods for genome-wide association studies, gene by environment interaction investigation, genetic meta-analysis and rare variant analysis, with special emphasis on the development of novel statistical approaches to analyze genetic data collected on large families. She is involved in the Framingham Heart Study, collaborating on projects to identify genes influencing diabetes related traits, pulmonary function traits and atrial fibrillation. She teaches BS860 (Statistical Genetics II) in the spring semester of even years.
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Concept Data Interpretation, Statistical
Concept Genetics, Population
Concept Models, Statistical
Academic Article Statistical methods for linkage analysis of complex traits from high-resolution maps of identity by descent.
Academic Article Statistical methods for mapping quantitative trait loci from a dense set of markers.
Academic Article The importance of watching our weights: how the choice of weights for non-independent sib pairs can dramatically alter results.
Academic Article On the detection of linkage in multiple data sets: a comparison of various statistical approaches.
Academic Article Expectation maximization algorithm based haplotype relative risk (EM-HRR): test of linkage disequilibrium using incomplete case-parents trios.
Academic Article Comparisons of case-selection approaches based on allele sharing and/or disease severity index: application to the GAW14 simulated data.
Academic Article Identification of polymorphisms explaining a linkage signal: application to the GAW14 simulated data.
Academic Article Poor performance of bootstrap confidence intervals for the location of a quantitative trait locus.
Academic Article Interpreting results of large-scale genetic association studies: separating gold from fool's gold.
Academic Article A unified framework for linkage and association analysis of quantitative traits.
Academic Article Mapping quantitative traits in unselected families: algorithms and examples.
Academic Article Selection of the most informative individuals from families with multiple siblings for association studies.
Academic Article Evaluation of methods accounting for population structure with pedigree data and continuous outcomes.
Academic Article A method of moments estimator for random effect multivariate meta-analysis.
Academic Article Comparison of statistical approaches to rare variant analysis for quantitative traits.
Academic Article Sequence kernel association test for quantitative traits in family samples.
Academic Article Correction for multiple testing in a gene region.
Academic Article Large multiethnic Candidate Gene Study for C-reactive protein levels: identification of a novel association at CD36 in African Americans.
Academic Article Performance of statistical methods on CHARGE targeted sequencing data.
Academic Article Modeling gene-covariate interactions in sparse regression with group structure for genome-wide association studies.
Academic Article The Genetics of Type 2 Diabetes and Related TraitsBiology, Physiology and Translation. Editor: Florez JC
Academic Article Association of vitamin D status with arterial blood pressure and hypertension risk: a mendelian randomisation study
Grant Statistical Methods for Identity-by-Descent Maps
Award or Honor Receipt Fellow of the American Statistical Association
Academic Article Genetics of Type 2 Diabetes and Related Traits (Florez J, ed.)
Academic Article IMA Volumes in Mathematics and its Applications: Genetic Mapping and DNA sequencing (Speed T, Waterman M Eds.)
Academic Article Convex combination sequence kernel association test for rare-variant studies.
Grant Samantha Lent (student): Statistical Research in Biostatistics (Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute)
Grant Soudeh Ansari Chaharsoughti (Student): Statistical Research in Clinical Trials (Prometrika, LLC)
Grant Soudeh Ansari Chaharsoughi (Student): Statistical Research in Clinical Trials (Prometrika,LLC)
Grant Soudeh Ansari Chaharsoughi (Student): Statistical Research Clinical Trials, Prometrika, LLC
Grant Statistical Research support for Biostatistics Student
Award or Honor Receipt Mentorship Award

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