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Research Expertise & Professional Interests Josée Dupuis, Ph.D, is a Professor and Chair of Biostatistics at Boston University School of Public Health. She previously held a faculty position at Northwestern University and a senior statistical geneticist position at Genome Therapeutics Corporation, a small biotech company. She has extensive experience in the development and application of methods for genome-wide association studies, gene by environment interaction investigation, genetic meta-analysis and rare variant analysis, with special emphasis on the development of novel statistical approaches to analyze genetic data collected on large families. She is involved in the Framingham Heart Study, collaborating on projects to identify genes influencing diabetes related traits, pulmonary function traits and atrial fibrillation. She teaches BS860 (Statistical Genetics II) in the spring semester of even years.
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Concept Metabolic Networks and Pathways
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Concept Mendelian Randomization Analysis
Academic Article Statistical methods for linkage analysis of complex traits from high-resolution maps of identity by descent.
Academic Article Hormone receptor status of breast tumors in black, Hispanic, and non-Hispanic white women. An analysis of 13,239 cases.
Academic Article Stenosis of a portacaval anastomosis affects circadian locomotor activity in the rat: a multivariable analysis.
Academic Article Phenotype and genetic analysis of a syndrome caused by an inactivating mutation in the growth hormone-releasing hormone receptor: Dwarfism of Sindh.
Academic Article Phenocopies for deafness and goiter development in a large inbred Brazilian kindred with Pendred's syndrome associated with a novel mutation in the PDS gene.
Academic Article Multipoint linkage analysis of the pseudoautosomal regions, using affected sibling pairs.
Academic Article Association of the ADAM33 gene with asthma and bronchial hyperresponsiveness.
Academic Article Exo-proofreading, a versatile SNP scoring technology.
Academic Article Mapping complex traits using Random Forests.
Academic Article The insulin gene variable number tandem repeat and risk of type 2 diabetes in a population-based sample of families and unrelated men and women.
Academic Article The type 2 deiodinase (DIO2) A/G polymorphism is not associated with glycemic traits: the Framingham Heart Study.
Academic Article Clinical and genetic correlates of soluble P-selectin in the community.
Academic Article A 100K genome-wide association scan for diabetes and related traits in the Framingham Heart Study: replication and integration with other genome-wide datasets.
Academic Article Genome-wide association with select biomarker traits in the Framingham Heart Study.
Academic Article Genome-wide association with bone mass and geometry in the Framingham Heart Study.
Academic Article A unified framework for linkage and association analysis of quantitative traits.
Academic Article Relations of inflammatory biomarkers and common genetic variants with arterial stiffness and wave reflection.
Academic Article Genome-wide association scan identifies candidate polymorphisms associated with differential response to anti-TNF treatment in rheumatoid arthritis.
Academic Article Common variants at 30 loci contribute to polygenic dyslipidemia.
Academic Article Variants in MTNR1B influence fasting glucose levels.
Academic Article Large scale replication and meta-analysis of variants on chromosome 4q25 associated with atrial fibrillation.
Academic Article Mapping quantitative traits in unselected families: algorithms and examples.
Academic Article Genetic Analysis Workshop 15: gene expression analysis and approaches to detecting multiple functional loci.
Academic Article Handling linkage disequilibrium in linkage analysis using dense single-nucleotide polymorphisms.
Academic Article Genome-wide association and linkage analysis of quantitative traits: comparison of likelihood-ratio test and conditional score statistic.
Academic Article Clear detection of ADIPOQ locus as the major gene for plasma adiponectin: results of genome-wide association analyses including 4659 European individuals.
Academic Article Genetic variation in GIPR influences the glucose and insulin responses to an oral glucose challenge.
Academic Article New genetic loci implicated in fasting glucose homeostasis and their impact on type 2 diabetes risk.
Academic Article Handling linkage disequilibrium in qualitative trait linkage analysis using dense SNPs: a two-step strategy.
Academic Article The relation of genetic and environmental factors to systemic inflammatory biomarker concentrations.
Academic Article Refined QTLs of osteoporosis-related traits by linkage analysis with genome-wide SNPs: Framingham SHARe.
Academic Article Detailed physiologic characterization reveals diverse mechanisms for novel genetic Loci regulating glucose and insulin metabolism in humans.
Academic Article Common variants at 10 genomic loci influence hemoglobin A1(C) levels via glycemic and nonglycemic pathways.
Academic Article Meta-analysis of gene-environment interaction: joint estimation of SNP and SNP × environment regression coefficients.
Academic Article Twelve type 2 diabetes susceptibility loci identified through large-scale association analysis.
Academic Article Interactions of dietary whole-grain intake with fasting glucose- and insulin-related genetic loci in individuals of European descent: a meta-analysis of 14 cohort studies.
Academic Article Meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies in >80 000 subjects identifies multiple loci for C-reactive protein levels.
Academic Article Evaluation of methods accounting for population structure with pedigree data and continuous outcomes.
Academic Article Total zinc intake may modify the glucose-raising effect of a zinc transporter (SLC30A8) variant: a 14-cohort meta-analysis.
Academic Article Eight genetic loci associated with variation in lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A2 mass and activity and coronary heart disease: meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies from five community-based studies.
Academic Article Association of variation at the ABO locus with circulating levels of soluble intercellular adhesion molecule-1, soluble P-selectin, and soluble E-selectin: a meta-analysis.
Academic Article Genome-wide association analysis of soluble ICAM-1 concentration reveals novel associations at the NFKBIK, PNPLA3, RELA, and SH2B3 loci.
Academic Article Genetic associations with metabolic syndrome and its quantitative traits by race/ethnicity in the United States.
Academic Article A genome-wide association search for type 2 diabetes genes in African Americans.
Academic Article Novel loci for adiponectin levels and their influence on type 2 diabetes and metabolic traits: a multi-ethnic meta-analysis of 45,891 individuals.
Academic Article A method of moments estimator for random effect multivariate meta-analysis.
Academic Article Comparison of statistical approaches to rare variant analysis for quantitative traits.
Academic Article Using linkage analysis of large pedigrees to guide association analyses.
Academic Article Large-scale association analysis provides insights into the genetic architecture and pathophysiology of type 2 diabetes.
Academic Article Large-scale association analyses identify new loci influencing glycemic traits and provide insight into the underlying biological pathways.
Academic Article Genome-wide association study evaluating lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A2 mass and activity at baseline and after rosuvastatin therapy.
Academic Article Identification of novel type 2 diabetes candidate genes involved in the crosstalk between the mitochondrial and the insulin signaling systems.
Academic Article Meta-analysis investigating associations between healthy diet and fasting glucose and insulin levels and modification by loci associated with glucose homeostasis in data from 15 cohorts.
Academic Article Network-guided sparse regression modeling for detection of gene-by-gene interactions.
Academic Article Genome-wide joint meta-analysis of SNP and SNP-by-smoking interaction identifies novel loci for pulmonary function.
Academic Article Causal relationship between obesity and vitamin D status: bi-directional Mendelian randomization analysis of multiple cohorts.
Academic Article Mendelian randomization studies do not support a causal role for reduced circulating adiponectin levels in insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.
Academic Article Application of linear mixed-effect models for the analysis of exam scores: Online video associated with higher scores for undergraduate students with lower grades
Academic Article Large multiethnic Candidate Gene Study for C-reactive protein levels: identification of a novel association at CD36 in African Americans.
Academic Article Association of vitamin D status with arterial blood pressure and hypertension risk: a mendelian randomisation study.
Academic Article Large-scale genome-wide association studies and meta-analyses of longitudinal change in adult lung function.
Academic Article Genome-wide association analysis identifies six new loci associated with forced vital capacity.
Academic Article Strategies to design and analyze targeted sequencing data: cohorts for Heart and Aging Research in Genomic Epidemiology (CHARGE) Consortium Targeted Sequencing Study.
Academic Article ADAM19 and HTR4 variants and pulmonary function: Cohorts for Heart and Aging Research in Genomic Epidemiology (CHARGE) Consortium Targeted Sequencing Study.
Academic Article Association of levels of fasting glucose and insulin with rare variants at the chromosome 11p11.2-MADD locus: Cohorts for Heart and Aging Research in Genomic Epidemiology (CHARGE) Consortium Targeted Sequencing Study.
Academic Article Pleiotropic genes for metabolic syndrome and inflammation.
Academic Article Metabolic factors and genetic risk mediate familial type 2 diabetes risk in the Framingham Heart Study.
Academic Article Low-frequency and rare exome chip variants associate with fasting glucose and type 2 diabetes susceptibility.
Academic Article Genome-wide trans-ancestry meta-analysis provides insight into the genetic architecture of type 2 diabetes susceptibility.
Academic Article Sequence kernel association test for survival traits.
Academic Article A low-frequency variant in MAPK14 provides mechanistic evidence of a link with myeloperoxidase: a prognostic cardiovascular risk marker.
Academic Article Rare genetic variant analysis on blood pressure in related samples.
Academic Article Association of 25-Hydroxyvitamin D status and genetic variation in the vitamin D metabolic pathway with FEV1 in the Framingham Heart Study.
Academic Article Meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies identifies two loci associated with circulating osteoprotegerin levels.
Academic Article Impact of type 2 diabetes susceptibility variants on quantitative glycemic traits reveals mechanistic heterogeneity.
Academic Article General Framework for Meta-Analysis of Haplotype Association Tests.
Academic Article Evaluation of a Two-Stage Approach in Trans-Ethnic Meta-Analysis in Genome-Wide Association Studies.
Academic Article Assessing Rare Variation in Complex Traits Design and Analysis of Genetic StudiesEditors: Eleftheria Zeggini and Andrew Morris
Academic Article The genetic architecture of type 2 diabetes.
Academic Article Evaluation of power of the Illumina HumanOmni5M-4v1 BeadChip to detect risk variants for human complex diseases.
Academic Article Trans-ethnic Meta-analysis and Functional Annotation Illuminates the Genetic Architecture of Fasting Glucose and Insulin.
Academic Article Joint association analysis of a binary and a quantitative trait in family samples.
Academic Article Type 2 Diabetes Genetic Predisposition, Obesity, and All-Cause Mortality Risk in the U.S.: A Multiethnic Analysis.
Academic Article Robust analysis of secondary phenotypes in case-control genetic association studies.
Academic Article Evidence for large-scale gene-by-smoking interaction effects on pulmonary function.
Academic Article Incident Type 2 Diabetes Risk is Influenced by Obesity and Diabetes in Social Contacts: a Social Network Analysis.
Academic Article Comparison of multiple single-nucleotide variant association tests in a meta-analysis of Genetic Analysis Workshop 19 family and unrelated data.
Academic Article Meta-Analysis for Penalized Regression Methods with Multi-Cohort Genome-Wide Association Studies.
Academic Article Integrative pathway genomics of lung function and airflow obstruction.
Academic Article Evaluation of logistic regression models and effect of covariates for case-control study in RNA-Seq analysis.
Academic Article Integrated genome-wide analysis of expression quantitative trait loci aids interpretation of genomic association studies.
Academic Article Impact of common genetic determinants of Hemoglobin A1c on type 2 diabetes risk and diagnosis in ancestrally diverse populations: A transethnic genome-wide meta-analysis.
Academic Article Sugar-sweetened beverage intake associations with fasting glucose and insulin concentrations are not modified by selected genetic variants in a ChREBP-FGF21 pathway: a meta-analysis.
Academic Article Identification of a novel proinsulin-associated SNP and demonstration that proinsulin is unlikely to be a causal factor in subclinical vascular remodelling using Mendelian randomisation.
Academic Article Genetically Driven Hyperglycemia Increases Risk of Coronary Artery Disease Separately From Type 2 Diabetes.
Academic Article Transethnic Evaluation Identifies Low-Frequency Loci Associated With 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Concentrations.
Academic Article Genetic Variation in Genes Underlying Diverse Dementias May Explain a Small Proportion of Cases in the Alzheimer''s Disease Sequencing Project.
Academic Article Metabolomics insights into early type 2 diabetes pathogenesis and detection in individuals with normal fasting glucose.
Academic Article Assessing Rare Variation in Complex Traits (Zeggini E, Moris A, eds.)
Academic Article Game Theory, Optimal Stopping, Probability and Statistics: Papers in Honor of Thomas S Ferguson (F Thomas Bruss, Lucien Le Cam, Eds.)
Academic Article Genome-wide meta-analysis of macronutrient intake of 91,114 European ancestry participants from the cohorts for heart and aging research in genomic epidemiology consortium.
Academic Article Multiethnic meta-analysis identifies ancestry-specific and cross-ancestry loci for pulmonary function.
Academic Article Meta-analysis of exome array data identifies six novel genetic loci for lung function.
Academic Article Meta-analysis across Cohorts for Heart and Aging Research in Genomic Epidemiology (CHARGE) consortium provides evidence for an association of serum vitamin D with pulmonary function.
Academic Article Fine-mapping type 2 diabetes loci to single-variant resolution using high-density imputation and islet-specific epigenome maps.
Academic Article Genome Analyses of >200,000 Individuals Identify 58 Loci for Chronic Inflammation and Highlight Pathways that Link Inflammation and Complex Disorders.
Academic Article Increased Airway Wall Thickness in Interstitial Lung Abnormalities and Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis.
Academic Article Mendelian Randomization Analysis of Hemoglobin A1c as a Risk Factor for Coronary Artery Disease.
Academic Article Comparison of methods for multivariate gene-based association tests for complex diseases using common variants.
Academic Article An integrative cross-omics analysis of DNA methylation sites of glucose and insulin homeostasis.
Academic Article Potential Interplay between Dietary Saturated Fats and Genetic Variants of the NLRP3 Inflammasome to Modulate Insulin Resistance and Diabetes Risk: Insights from a Meta-Analysis of 19 005 Individuals.
Academic Article Quality of dietary fat and genetic risk of type 2 diabetes: individual participant data meta-analysis.
Academic Article A unified method for rare variant analysis of gene-environment interactions.
Academic Article Analysis of brain region-specific co-expression networks reveals clustering of established and novel genes associated with Alzheimer disease.
Academic Article Whole genome sequence analysis of pulmonary function and COPD in 19,996 multi-ethnic participants.
Grant Mechanism connecting dysregulated BCAA glucose and lipid metabolism in the pathogenesis of metabolic disease
Grant TOPMed Whole Genome Sequence Analysis of Type 2 Diabetes and Related Traits
Academic Article Association of Circulating Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein-1 Levels With Cardiovascular Mortality: A Meta-analysis of Population-Based Studies.
Academic Article Cerebral small vessel disease genomics and its implications across the lifespan.

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