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Research Expertise & Professional Interests Debbie M. Cheng is Professor of Biostatistics and has been on the faculty at the School of Public Health since 2002. Her research interests include longitudinal data analyses and the design and analysis of clinical trials. She collaborates with investigators at the Boston University School of Medicine on several projects in the areas of substance abuse and HIV research. She is Principal Investigator of the Biostatistics and Data Management Core for the URBAN ARCH Consortium, a consortium of studies designed to examine the consequences of alcohol on HIV disease progression. Dr. Cheng is also Co-Director of the Biostatistics Core for the Providence/Boston Center for AIDS Research (CFAR). In addition, she serves as lead statistician on several other studies including: a randomized clinical trial of a multi-facted intervention designed to improve HIV outcomes among HIV-infected people who inject drugs in St. Petersburg, Russia (LINC-II Study) and a clinical trial testing the effectiveness of a collaborative care intervention for HIV care physicians to improve the management of chronic opioid therapy and reduce the misuse of prescription opioids among HIV-infected persons (TEACH study).  She has been an instructor for Introduction to Statistical Computing (BS723) and the Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials (BS722).
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Academic Article Effect of local restaurant smoking regulations on environmental tobacco smoke exposure among youths.
Academic Article Establishing the compliance in elderly women for use of a low level mechanical stress device in a clinical osteoporosis study.
Academic Article Effects of restaurant and bar smoking regulations on exposure to environmental tobacco smoke among Massachusetts adults.
Academic Article Substance abuse treatment and receipt of liver specialty care among persons coinfected with HIV/HCV who have alcohol problems.
Academic Article The association between hepatitis C infection and prevalent cardiovascular disease among HIV-infected individuals.
Academic Article Impact of health literacy on depressive symptoms and mental health-related: quality of life among adults with addiction.
Academic Article Health literacy, antiretroviral adherence, and HIV-RNA suppression: a longitudinal perspective.
Academic Article Effect of smoking regulations in local restaurants on smokers' anti-smoking attitudes and quitting behaviours.
Academic Article Impact of hepatitis C on HIV progression in adults with alcohol problems.
Academic Article Persistent pain is associated with substance use after detoxification: a prospective cohort analysis.
Academic Article Recent drug use, homelessness and increased short-term mortality in HIV-infected persons with alcohol problems.
Academic Article Household smoking bans and adolescent antismoking attitudes and smoking initiation: findings from a longitudinal study of a Massachusetts youth cohort.
Academic Article Alcohol consumption and lipodystrophy in HIV-infected adults with alcohol problems.
Academic Article Performance of mixed effects models in the analysis of mediated longitudinal data.
Academic Article Initiation and engagement in chronic disease management care for substance dependence.
Academic Article Substance abuse treatment utilization among adults living with HIV/AIDS and alcohol or drug problems.
Academic Article The use of mixed models for the analysis of mediated data with time-dependent predictors.
Academic Article Non-linear mixed models in the analysis of mediated longitudinal data with binary outcomes.
Academic Article Is cannabis use associated with HIV drug and sex risk behaviors among Russian HIV-infected risky drinkers?
Academic Article Impact of lifetime alcohol use on liver fibrosis in a population of HIV-infected patients with and without hepatitis C coinfection.
Academic Article Pain is associated with heroin use over time in HIV-infected Russian drinkers.
Academic Article The spectrum of unhealthy drug use and quality of care for hypertension and diabetes: a longitudinal cohort study.
Academic Article Factors associated with study attrition among HIV-infected risky drinkers in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Academic Article Chronic care management for substance dependence in primary care among patients with co-occurring disorders.
Academic Article Pain is associated with risky drinking over time among HIV-infected persons in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Academic Article The influence of depressive symptoms on alcohol use among HIV-infected Russian drinkers.
Academic Article HERMITAGE--a randomized controlled trial to reduce sexually transmitted infections and HIV risk behaviors among HIV-infected Russian drinkers.
Academic Article A randomized controlled trial of an automated exercise coach for older adults.
Academic Article Heroin Use and HIV Disease Progression: Results from a Pilot Study of a Russian Cohort.
Academic Article Sexual violence from police and HIV risk behaviours among HIV-positive women who inject drugs in St. Petersburg, Russia - a mixed methods study.
Academic Article Effects of Heavy Drinking on T-Cell Phenotypes Consistent with Immunosenescence in Untreated HIV Infection.
Academic Article A comparison of time dependent Cox regression, pooled logistic regression and cross sectional pooling with simulations and an application to the Framingham Heart Study.
Academic Article Unhealthy Alcohol Use is Associated with Monocyte Activation Prior to Starting Antiretroviral Therapy.
Academic Article HIV Stigma and Unhealthy Alcohol Use Among People Living with HIV in Russia.
Academic Article HIV Stigma and Substance Use Among HIV-Positive Russians with Risky Drinking.
Academic Article Food Insecurity, HIV Disease Progression and Access to Care Among HIV-Infected Russians not on ART.
Academic Article Alcohol Use and HIV Disease Progression in an Antiretroviral Naive Cohort.
Academic Article Alcohol Use and Unprotected Sex Among HIV-Infected Ugandan Adults: Findings from an Event-Level Study.
Academic Article Design of a randomized controlled trial of zinc supplementation to improve markers of mortality and HIV disease progression in HIV-positive drinkers in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Academic Article Study protocol for the targeting effective analgesia in clinics for HIV (TEACH) study - a cluster randomized controlled trial and parallel cohort to increase guideline concordant care for long-term opioid therapy among people living with HIV.
Academic Article Association between alcohol use and inflammatory biomarkers over time among younger adults with HIV-The Russia ARCH Observational Study.
Academic Article Effect of Zinc Supplementation vs Placebo on Mortality Risk and HIV Disease Progression Among HIV-Positive Adults With Heavy Alcohol Use: A Randomized Clinical Trial.

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