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Research Expertise & Professional Interests Virologist; Expert in molecular biology of Marburg and Ebola viruses and other highly pathogenic viruses; Experienced in BSL4 work; Focus on virus-host interaction.
Self-Described Keywords Ebola virus
Self-Described Keywords Marburg virus
Self-Described Keywords host-virus interaction

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Concept Marburg Virus Disease
Concept Influenza A virus
Concept Receptors, Virus
Concept RNA Virus Infections
Concept Vaccinia virus
Concept Virus Cultivation
Concept Virus Diseases
Concept Virus Replication
Concept La Crosse virus
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Concept Sendai virus
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Academic Article Marburg virus gene 4 encodes the virion membrane protein, a type I transmembrane glycoprotein.
Academic Article Termini of all mRNA species of Marburg virus: sequence and secondary structure.
Academic Article Intracellular transport and processing of the Marburg virus surface protein in vertebrate and insect cells.
Academic Article The nucleoprotein of Marburg virus is target for multiple cellular kinases.
Academic Article Three of the four nucleocapsid proteins of Marburg virus, NP, VP35, and L, are sufficient to mediate replication and transcription of Marburg virus-specific monocistronic minigenomes.
Academic Article Interactions of Marburg virus nucleocapsid proteins.
Academic Article Co- and posttranslational modifications and functions of Marburg virus proteins.
Academic Article Comparison of the transcription and replication strategies of marburg virus and Ebola virus by using artificial replication systems.
Academic Article Ultrastructural organization of recombinant Marburg virus nucleoprotein: comparison with Marburg virus inclusions.
Academic Article Adverse effects of MVA-T7 on the transport of Marburg virus glycoprotein.
Academic Article The Ebola virus VP35 protein functions as a type I IFN antagonist.
Academic Article Sorting of Marburg virus surface protein and virus release take place at opposite surfaces of infected polarized epithelial cells.
Academic Article Recovery of infectious Ebola virus from complementary DNA: RNA editing of the GP gene and viral cytotoxicity.
Academic Article Phosphorylation of Marburg virus VP30 at serines 40 and 42 is critical for its interaction with NP inclusions.
Academic Article The Marburg virus surface protein GP is phosphorylated at its ectodomain.
Academic Article Ebola virus VP30-mediated transcription is regulated by RNA secondary structure formation.
Academic Article Acylation of the Marburg virus glycoprotein.
Academic Article Phosphorylation of VP30 impairs ebola virus transcription.
Academic Article Ebola virus transcription activator VP30 is a zinc-binding protein.
Academic Article Rapid detection protocol for filoviruses.
Academic Article Marburg virus, a filovirus: messenger RNAs, gene order, and regulatory elements of the replication cycle.
Academic Article The Ebola virus VP35 protein inhibits activation of interferon regulatory factor 3.
Academic Article Oligomerization of Ebola virus VP30 is essential for viral transcription and can be inhibited by a synthetic peptide.
Academic Article The antiviral effect of interferon-beta against SARS-coronavirus is not mediated by MxA protein.
Academic Article Rescue of recombinant Marburg virus from cDNA is dependent on nucleocapsid protein VP30.
Academic Article A reconstituted replication and transcription system for Ebola virus Reston and comparison with Ebola virus Zaire.
Academic Article The Ebola virus genomic replication promoter is bipartite and follows the rule of six.
Academic Article VP35 knockdown inhibits Ebola virus amplification and protects against lethal infection in mice.
Academic Article Two key residues in ephrinB3 are critical for its use as an alternative receptor for Nipah virus.
Academic Article Purification and functional characterization of the full length recombinant Ebola virus VP35 protein expressed in E. coli.
Academic Article Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus triggers apoptosis via protein kinase R but is resistant to its antiviral activity.
Academic Article The marburg virus 3' noncoding region structurally and functionally differs from that of ebola virus.
Academic Article Marburg virus evades interferon responses by a mechanism distinct from ebola virus.
Academic Article Ebola virus VP35 antagonizes PKR activity through its C-terminal interferon inhibitory domain.
Academic Article Reverse genetic characterization of the natural genomic deletion in SARS-Coronavirus strain Frankfurt-1 open reading frame 7b reveals an attenuating function of the 7b protein in-vitro and in-vivo.
Academic Article Structural and functional characterization of Reston Ebola virus VP35 interferon inhibitory domain.
Academic Article Recombinant Marburg virus expressing EGFP allows rapid screening of virus growth and real-time visualization of virus spread.
Academic Article Intracellular events and cell fate in filovirus infection.
Academic Article Virus nomenclature below the species level: a standardized nomenclature for natural variants of viruses assigned to the family Filoviridae.
Academic Article Virus nomenclature below the species level: a standardized nomenclature for laboratory animal-adapted strains and variants of viruses assigned to the family Filoviridae.
Academic Article Ebola virus does not block apoptotic signaling pathways.
Academic Article The L-VP35 and L-L interaction domains reside in the amino terminus of the Ebola virus L protein and are potential targets for antivirals.
Academic Article Forty-five years of Marburg virus research.
Academic Article Development of a highly sensitive, field operable biosensor for serological studies of Ebola virus in central Africa
Academic Article The nucleotide sequence of the L gene of Marburg virus, a filovirus: homologies with paramyxoviruses and rhabdoviruses.
Academic Article [Submicroscopic characteristics of Marburg virus and its mini genome analog replication in cell cultures].
Academic Article Ebola virus VP35 induces high-level production of recombinant TPL-2-ABIN-2-NF-?B1 p105 complex in co-transfected HEK-293 cells.
Academic Article Virus nomenclature below the species level: a standardized nomenclature for filovirus strains and variants rescued from cDNA.
Academic Article Analysis of the highly diverse gene borders in Ebola virus reveals a distinct mechanism of transcriptional regulation.
Academic Article Human and Murine IFIT1 Proteins Do Not Restrict Infection of Negative-Sense RNA Viruses of the Orthomyxoviridae, Bunyaviridae, and Filoviridae Families.
Academic Article Inactivation of RNA Viruses by Gamma Irradiation: A Study on Mitigating Factors.
Academic Article Transcriptional Regulation in Ebola Virus: Effects of Gene Border Structure and Regulatory Elements on Gene Expression and Polymerase Scanning Behavior.
Academic Article Marburg Virus Reverse Genetics Systems.
Academic Article Ebola Virus Does Not Induce Stress Granule Formation during Infection and Sequesters Stress Granule Proteins within Viral Inclusions.
Academic Article Modeling Ebola Virus Genome Replication and Transcription with Minigenome Systems.
Academic Article Nonradioactive Northern Blot Analysis to Detect Ebola Virus Minigenomic mRNA.
Academic Article Filovirus Strategies to Escape Antiviral Responses.
Academic Article An RNA polymerase II-driven Ebola virus minigenome system as an advanced tool for antiviral drug screening.
Academic Article Immune barriers of Ebola virus infection.
Academic Article The Egyptian Rousette Genome Reveals Unexpected Features of Bat Antiviral Immunity.
Academic Article Differential Mechanisms for the Involvement of Polyamines and Hypusinated eIF5A in Ebola Virus Gene Expression.
Academic Article Marburg Virus Viral Protein 35 Inhibits Protein Kinase R Activation in a Cell Type-Specific Manner.
Academic Article A Chimeric Lloviu Virus Minigenome System Reveals that the Bat-Derived Filovirus Replicates More Similarly to Ebolaviruses than Marburgviruses.
Academic Article Toll-like receptor 4 in acute viral infection: Too much of a good thing.
Academic Article Ebolavirus polymerase uses an unconventional genome replication mechanism.
Academic Article ICTV Virus Taxonomy Profile: Filoviridae.
Academic Article Distinct Genome Replication and Transcription Strategies within the Growing Filovirus Family.
Grant IMVC Pilot Project: Mechanisms of Ebola Virus-induced Vascular Dysfunction
Grant Antiviral responses in iPSC-derived human primary cells to Ebola virus infection
Grant Mechanisms of Marburg virus gene expression
Grant Deciphering the pathogenic potential of Lloviu virus, a novel filovirus
Grant Deep characterization of the role biogenesis and function of Ebola virus microRNAs
Academic Article Development of a highly sensitive, field operable biosensor for serological studies of Ebola virus in central Africa.
Academic Article MHC class II transactivator CIITA induces cell resistance to Ebola virus and SARS-like coronaviruses.

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