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Research Expertise & Professional Interests Theresa W. Kim, MD is an Assistant Professor at Boston University School of Medicine and clinician-investigator in the Section of General Internal Medicine at Boston Medical Center..She is also a primary care physician at the Boston HealthCare for the Homeless Program After completing research training in the General Internal Medicine Fellowship Program, she became a faculty member of the Clinical Addiction Research Education (CARE) program at Boston Medical Center. She is also a consultant for the Massachusetts Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment - Training and Technical Assistance. Her research interests include: 1) defining and measuring the effects of quality primary medical care and substance abuse treatment; 2) access to care for homeless populations and 3) medical complications of substance dependence including HIV infection and poor bone health.
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Concept Accidental Falls
Concept Alcoholism
Concept Mental Disorders
Concept Blood Pressure
Concept Bone Diseases, Metabolic
Concept Marijuana Abuse
Concept Chronic Disease
Concept Depression
Concept Diabetes Mellitus
Concept Heroin Dependence
Concept Hypertension
Concept Mouth Diseases
Concept Opioid-Related Disorders
Concept Osteoporosis
Concept Physician-Patient Relations
Concept Professional-Patient Relations
Concept Respiratory Tract Diseases
Concept Tooth Diseases
Concept HIV Infections
Concept Substance Abuse Detection
Concept Substance Abuse, Intravenous
Concept Substance Abuse Treatment Centers
Concept Hepatitis C, Chronic
Concept Substance-Related Disorders
Concept Alcohol-Related Disorders
Concept Drug Overdose
Academic Article Substance abuse treatment and receipt of liver specialty care among persons coinfected with HIV/HCV who have alcohol problems.
Academic Article Primary care quality and addiction severity: a prospective cohort study.
Academic Article Factors associated with discontinuation of antiretroviral therapy in HIV-infected patients with alcohol problems.
Academic Article Initiation and engagement in chronic disease management care for substance dependence.
Academic Article Oral health of substance-dependent individuals: impact of specific substances.
Academic Article Is unhealthy substance use associated with failure to receive cancer screening and flu vaccination? A retrospective cross-sectional study.
Academic Article Effect of quality chronic disease management for alcohol and drug dependence on addiction outcomes.
Academic Article Co-morbidity is the norm, not the exception: chronic respiratory diseases in chronic drug users.
Academic Article Screening for unhealthy alcohol and other drug use by health educators: do primary care clinicians document screening results?
Academic Article Chronic care management for dependence on alcohol and other drugs: the AHEAD randomized trial.
Academic Article Experience of primary care among homeless individuals with mental health conditions.
Academic Article The spectrum of unhealthy drug use and quality of care for hypertension and diabetes: a longitudinal cohort study.
Academic Article The prescription of addiction medications after implementation of chronic care management for substance dependence in primary care.
Academic Article Does experiencing homelessness affect women''s motivation to change alcohol or drug use?
Academic Article Development of the Primary Care Quality-Homeless (PCQ-H) instrument: a practical survey of homeless patients' experiences in primary care.
Academic Article Receipt of addiction treatment as a consequence of a brief intervention for drug use in primary care: a randomized trial.
Academic Article Substance use among persons with homeless experience in primary care.
Academic Article Polypharmacy and risk of falls and fractures for patients with HIV infection and substance dependence.
Academic Article Polypharmacy and risk of non-fatal overdose for patients with HIV infection and substance dependence.
Academic Article Alcohol Consumption and Bone Mineral Density in People with HIV and Substance Use Disorder: A Prospective Cohort Study.
Academic Article Alcohol and Bone Turnover Markers among People Living with HIV and Substance Use Disorder.

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