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Concept Ocular Hypertension
Concept Ocular Physiological Phenomena
Concept Perfusion
Concept Tonometry, Ocular
Academic Article Serum proteins and aqueous outflow resistance in bovine eyes.
Academic Article Hyaluronan in the bovine ocular anterior segment, with emphasis on the outflow pathways.
Academic Article The role of soluble proteins in generating aqueous outflow resistance in the bovine and human eye.
Academic Article Interendothelial junctions in normal human Schlemm's canal respond to changes in pressure.
Academic Article The mechanism of increasing outflow facility during washout in the bovine eye.
Academic Article Comparative studies between species that do and do not exhibit the washout effect.
Academic Article Reduction of the available area for aqueous humor outflow and increase in meshwork herniations into collector channels following acute IOP elevation in bovine eyes.
Academic Article Development of a novel two color tracer perfusion technique for the hydrodynamic study of aqueous outflow in bovine eyes.
Academic Article Secreted protein acidic and rich in cysteine (SPARC)-null mice exhibit more uniform outflow.
Academic Article Collagen expression and orientation in ocular tissue
Academic Article Netarsudil Increases Outflow Facility in Human Eyes Through Multiple Mechanisms.
Grant Evaluation of the Effect of an Alcon Drug on Aqueous Flow Pattern and Morphology in the Outflow Pathway using a Serum Amyloid A induced Ocular Hypertensive Mouse Model
Academic Article Membrane-associated mucins of the ocular surface: New genes, new protein functions and new biological roles in human and mouse.

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