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Concept Motor Neurons
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Concept Dopaminergic Neurons
Academic Article Prenatal protein malnutrition effects on the serotonergic system in the hippocampal formation: an immunocytochemical, ligand binding, and neurochemical study.
Academic Article CA3 neuronal degeneration follows chronic entorhinal cortex lesions.
Academic Article Morphology and electrophysiology of dentate granule cells in the rhesus monkey: comparison with the rat.
Academic Article Age-related neuronal loss in the nucleus centralis superior of the rhesus monkey.
Academic Article Organization of direct hippocampal efferent projections to the cerebral cortex of the rhesus monkey: projections from CA1, prosubiculum, and subiculum to the temporal lobe.
Academic Article Sensitivity in horseradish peroxidase neurohistochemistry: a comparative and quantitative study of nine methods.
Academic Article Hippocampal formation lesions produce memory impairment in the rhesus monkey.
Academic Article Feature article: are neurons lost from the primate cerebral cortex during normal aging?
Academic Article Hippocampal efferents reach widespread areas of cerebral cortex and amygdala in the rhesus monkey.
Academic Article Fixation variables in horseradish peroxidase neurohistochemistry. I. The effect of fixation time and perfusion procedures upon enzyme activity.
Academic Article Birthdates and number of neurons in the serotonergic raphe nuclei in the rat with prenatal protein malnutrition.
Academic Article Increased density of hippocampal kainate receptors but normal density of NMDA and AMPA receptors in a rat model of prenatal protein malnutrition.
Academic Article In aging, is it gray or white?
Academic Article Normal aging results in decreased synaptic excitation and increased synaptic inhibition of layer 2/3 pyramidal cells in the monkey prefrontal cortex.
Academic Article Effects of prenatal protein malnutrition and acute postnatal stress on granule cell genesis in the fascia dentata of neonatal and juvenile rats.
Academic Article Motor projections to the basis pontis in rhesus monkey.
Academic Article Age-related reduction in microcolumnar structure in area 46 of the rhesus monkey correlates with behavioral decline.
Academic Article A statistically based density map method for identification and quantification of regional differences in microcolumnarity in the monkey brain.
Academic Article Effect of prenatal protein malnutrition on numbers of neurons in the principal cell layers of the adult rat hippocampal formation.
Academic Article Prenatal protein malnutrition in rats alters the c-Fos response of neurons in the anterior cingulate and medial prefrontal region to behavioral stress.
Academic Article Maturational sequence of newly generated neurons in the dentate gyrus of the young adult rhesus monkey.
Academic Article Asymmetry of neuron numbers in the hippocampal formation of prenatally malnourished and normally nourished rats: a stereological investigation.
Academic Article An ultrastructural characterization of the newly generated cells in the adult monkey dentate gyrus.
Academic Article Generating a model of the three-dimensional spatial distribution of neurons using density maps.
Academic Article Automated identification of neurons and their locations.
Academic Article Age-related reduction in microcolumnar structure correlates with cognitive decline in ventral but not dorsal area 46 of the rhesus monkey.
Academic Article Density of cerebellar basket and stellate cells in autism: evidence for a late developmental loss of Purkinje cells.
Academic Article Prenatal protein malnutrition alters the proportion but not numbers of parvalbumin-immunoreactive interneurons in the hippocampus of the adult Sprague-Dawley rat.
Academic Article Altered posterior cingulate cortical cyctoarchitecture, but normal density of neurons and interneurons in the posterior cingulate cortex and fusiform gyrus in autism.
Academic Article Neuron numbers in the hypothalamus of the normal aging rhesus monkey: stability across the adult lifespan and between the sexes.
Academic Article A stereological study of the numbers of neurons and glia in the primary visual cortex across the lifespan of male and female rhesus monkeys.
Academic Article Influence of highly distinctive structural properties on the excitability of pyramidal neurons in monkey visual and prefrontal cortices.
Academic Article Hippocampal network connections account for differences in memory performance in the middle-aged rhesus monkey.
Academic Article The hippocampal formation of the primate brain: A review of some comparative aspects of cytoarchitecture and connections
Academic Article A comparison of the efferents of the amygdala and the hippocampal formation in the rhesus monkey: I. Convergence in the entorhinal, prorhinal, and perirhinal cortices.
Academic Article Comparison of the efferents of the amygdala and the hippocampal formation in the rhesus monkey: II. Reciprocal and non-reciprocal connections.
Academic Article Latency variability and the identification of antidromically activated neurons in mammalian brain.
Academic Article Interhemispheric pathways of the hippocampal formation, presubiculum, and entorhinal and posterior parahippocampal cortices in the rhesus monkey: the structure and organization of the hippocampal commissures.
Academic Article Characteristics of interhemispheric impulse conduction between prelunate gyri of the rhesus monkey.
Academic Article Non-hippocampal cortical projections from the entorhinal cortex in the rat and rhesus monkey.
Academic Article Laminar termination patterns of thalamic, callosal, and association afferents in the primary auditory area of the rhesus monkey.
Academic Article Complementary Patterns of Direct Amygdala and Hippocampal Projections to the Macaque Prefrontal Cortex.
Academic Article Effect of Prenatal Protein Malnutrition on Birthdates and Number of Neurons in the Rat Locus Coeruleus.
Academic Article White Matter Neurons in Young Adult and Aged Rhesus Monkey.
Grant Hippocampal and Prefrontal Cortex Interactions in Cognition
Academic Article A Survey of White Matter Neurons at the Gyral Crowns and Sulcal Depths in the Rhesus Monkey.
Academic Article A Mutation in Hnrnph1 That Decreases Methamphetamine-Induced Reinforcement, Reward, and Dopamine Release and Increases Synaptosomal hnRNP H and Mitochondrial Proteins.
Academic Article Treatment with Mesenchymal-Derived Extracellular Vesicles Reduces Injury-Related Pathology in Pyramidal Neurons of Monkey Perilesional Ventral Premotor Cortex.
Academic Article Amyloidosis increase is not attenuated by long-term calorie restriction or related to neuron density in the prefrontal cortex of extremely aged rhesus macaques.

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