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Research Expertise & Professional Interests I have expertise in generation of dendritic cells (DC), development of tumor vaccine including DC-tumor cell fusion and heat shock proteins, animal models for translational research and preclinical research using human cancer samples.
Self-Described Keywords Dendritic cells (DC)

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Concept Dendritic Cells
Academic Article The kinetics of in vivo priming of CD4 and CD8 T cells by dendritic/tumor fusion cells in MUC1-transgenic mice.
Academic Article Immunization against murine multiple myeloma with fusions of dendritic and plasmacytoma cells is potentiated by interleukin 12.
Academic Article Prevention of spontaneous breast carcinoma by prophylactic vaccination with dendritic/tumor fusion cells.
Academic Article Immunotherapy of spontaneous mammary carcinoma with fusions of dendritic cells and mucin 1-positive carcinoma cells.
Academic Article Tumour cell/dendritic cell fusions as a vaccination strategy for multiple myeloma.
Academic Article Induction of anti-leukemic cytotoxic T lymphocytes by fusion of patient-derived dendritic cells with autologous myeloblasts.
Academic Article Fusion cell vaccination of patients with metastatic breast and renal cancer induces immunological and clinical responses.
Academic Article Dendritic cells fused with human cancer cells: morphology, antigen expression, and T cell stimulation.
Academic Article Induction of antigen-specific CD4- and CD8-mediated T-cell responses by fusions of autologous dendritic cells and metastatic colorectal cancer cells.
Academic Article Assessment of fusion cells from patient-derived ovarian carcinoma cells and dendritic cells as a vaccine for clinical use.
Academic Article Dendritic cells fused with allogeneic colorectal cancer cell line present multiple colorectal cancer-specific antigens and induce antitumor immunity against autologous tumor cells.
Academic Article Induction of impaired antitumor immunity by fusion of MHC class II-deficient dendritic cells with tumor cells.
Academic Article Enhanced immunogenicity of heat shock protein 70 peptide complexes from dendritic cell-tumor fusion cells.
Academic Article Generation and functional assessment of antigen-specific T cells stimulated by fusions of dendritic cells and allogeneic breast cancer cells.
Academic Article Dendritic/tumor fusion cell-based vaccination against cancer.
Academic Article Synergistic induction of antigen-specific CTL by fusions of TLR-stimulated dendritic cells and heat-stressed tumor cells.
Academic Article Cell fusion: from hybridoma to dendritic cell-based vaccine.
Academic Article In vitro generation of cytotoxic and regulatory T cells by fusions of human dendritic cells and hepatocellular carcinoma cells.
Academic Article A heat shock protein 70-based vaccine with enhanced immunogenicity for clinical use.
Academic Article Cancer vaccine by fusions of dendritic and cancer cells.
Academic Article Dendritic/pancreatic carcinoma fusions for clinical use: Comparative functional analysis of healthy- versus patient-derived fusions.
Academic Article Cancer immunotherapy by fusions of dendritic cells and tumor cells.
Academic Article Regulation of tumor immunity by tumor/dendritic cell fusions.
Academic Article Antigen-specific polyclonal cytotoxic T lymphocytes induced by fusions of dendritic cells and tumor cells.
Academic Article Heat shock protein 90 mediates efficient antigen cross presentation through the scavenger receptor expressed by endothelial cells-I.
Academic Article Induction of cytotoxic T lymphocytes against ovarian cancer-initiating cells.
Academic Article Preparation of a heat-shock protein 70-based vaccine from DC-tumor fusion cells.
Academic Article Current immunotherapeutic approaches in pancreatic cancer.
Academic Article Immunologic monitoring of cellular responses by dendritic/tumor cell fusion vaccines.
Academic Article Combined TLR2/4-activated dendritic/tumor cell fusions induce augmented cytotoxic T lymphocytes.
Academic Article Augmentation of antitumor immunity by fusions of ethanol-treated tumor cells and dendritic cells stimulated via dual TLRs through TGF-ß1 blockade and IL-12p70 production.
Academic Article Fusions between dendritic cells and whole tumor cells as anticancer vaccines.
Academic Article Characterization of structure and direct antigen presentation by dendritic/tumor-fused cells as cancer vaccines.
Academic Article Immunotherapy of radioresistant mammary tumors with early metastasis using molecular chaperone vaccines combined with ionizing radiation.
Academic Article Strategies to improve the immunogenicity of anticancer vaccines based on dendritic cell/malignant cell fusions.
Academic Article Cell fusion between dendritic cells and whole tumor cells.
Academic Article Improved immunogenicity of fusions between ethanol-treated cancer cells and dendritic cells exposed to dual TLR stimulation.
Academic Article Induction of antigen-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes by fusion cells generated from allogeneic plasmacytoid dendritic and tumor cells.
Academic Article Dendritic-tumor fusion cells in cancer immunotherapy.
Academic Article The combination of TLR2 and TLR4 agonists promotes the immunogenicity of dendritic cell/cancer cell fusions.
Academic Article Treatment with chemotherapy and dendritic cells pulsed with multiple Wilms'' tumor 1 (WT1)-specific MHC class I/II-restricted epitopes for pancreatic cancer.
Academic Article Tumor regression by CD4 T-cells primed with dendritic/tumor fusion cell vaccines.
Academic Article Immunogenic modulation of cholangiocarcinoma cells by chemoimmunotherapy.
Grant Fusion of Human Leukemia and Dendritic Cells as a Novel Anti-Leukemia Vaccine
Academic Article A Novel Heat Shock Protein 70-based Vaccine Prepared from DC-Tumor Fusion Cells.

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