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Research Expertise & Professional Interests Michael E. Hasselmo graduated summa cum laude in 1984 from Harvard College with a Special Concentration in Behavioral Neuroscience. He was awarded the Detur Prize and inducted into Phi Beta Kappa in his junior year. He received a Rhodes scholarship to study at Oxford University, where he completed a D.Phil. from the Department of Experimental Psychology in 1988 based on unit recording of face-responsive neurons in monkey temporal lobe cortex. He completed a post-doctoral fellowship in the Division of Biology at the California Institute of Technology from 1988 to 1991 where he published work on modulatory mechanisms in cortical brain slice preparations. He was an Assistant and Associate Professor at Harvard University from 1991-1998 in the Department of Psychology and in the Mind, Brain and Behavior Interfaculty Initiative. He published work on cholinergic modulation of synaptic transmission and spike frequency accomodation in cortical structures, and demonstrated that acetylcholine sets appropriate cortical dynamics for encoding of new information. He is the Director of the Center for Systems Neuroscience at Boston University. He is the principal investigator on two NIMH R01 grants an ONR MURI award and an NSF EAGER grant for the Initiative on Physics and Mathematics of Neural Systems. He is the Associate Director of the Center for Memory and Brain which is funded by a Silvio O. Conte P50 center grant. Research in the laboratory includes intracellular whole cell patch recordings to analyze modulatory effects and oscillatory dynamics in brain slice preparations of cortical structures, as well as extracellular recording of multiple single units in the entorhinal cortex (including grid cells and head direction cells) and place cells in the hippocampus. His modeling includes network level models and detailed biophysical models. Recent publications address the function of theta rhythm oscillations in generation of grid cell firing and encoding of information in the hippocampus and related cortical structures, building on his earlier models of the role of acetylcholine in regulating mechanisms of encoding and consolidation. He has published over 120 articles in peer reviewed journals including Science, Nature, Neuron, Trends in Neurosciences, Trends in Cognitive Sciences, Journal of Neuroscience, Journal of Neurophysiology, Neural Computation and Hippocampus. He is a member of the Board of Reviewing Editors at Science, the Computational Neuroscience editor at Hippocampus, an Associate Editor of the Journal of Neuroscience and Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience, and he is on the editorial board of Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, Neural Networks, Network: Computation in Neural Systems, Neuroinformatics, and Brain Structure and Function. He served as president of the International Neural Network Society in 2003, and as program chair for the International Joint Conference on Neural Networks in Portland, Oregon, in July 2003. He is a current member of the board of governors of INNS. He was a co-chair of the 1996 Computational Neuroscience conference and publications chair for the NIPS conference in 1995. He has served as a reviewer and program committee member for the CNS, NIPS, IJCNN and COSYNE conferences.

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Academic Article Encoding and retrieval in the CA3 region of the hippocampus: a model of theta-phase separation.
Academic Article Modeling of context-dependent retrieval in hippocampal region CA1: implications for cognitive function in schizophrenia.
Academic Article Phase coding by grid cells in unconstrained environments: two-dimensional phase precession.
Academic Article Voltage dependence of subthreshold resonance frequency in layer II of medial entorhinal cortex.
Academic Article Examination of rhythmicity of extracellularly recorded neurons in the entorhinal cortex.
Academic Article In vivo cholinergic modulation of the cellular properties of medial entorhinal cortex neurons.
Academic Article Grid cell spatial tuning reduced following systemic muscarinic receptor blockade.
Academic Article A simple biophysically plausible model for long time constants in single neurons.
Academic Article Rebound spiking properties of mouse medial entorhinal cortex neurons in vivo.
Academic Article Cholinergic blockade reduces theta-gamma phase amplitude coupling and speed modulation of theta frequency consistent with behavioral effects on encoding.
Academic Article A unified mathematical framework for coding time, space, and sequences in the hippocampal region.
Academic Article Multiple Running Speed Signals in Medial Entorhinal Cortex.
Academic Article Post-Inhibitory Rebound Spikes in Rat Medial Entorhinal Layer II/III Principal Cells: In Vivo, In Vitro, and Computational Modeling Characterization.
Academic Article Rebound spiking in layer II medial entorhinal cortex stellate cells: Possible mechanism of grid cell function.
Academic Article Physiological Properties of Neurons in Bat Entorhinal Cortex Exhibit an Inverse Gradient along the Dorsal-Ventral Axis Compared to Entorhinal Neurons in Rat.
Academic Article Reconciling the different faces of hippocampal theta: The role of theta oscillations in cognitive, emotional and innate behaviors.
Academic Article The Same Hippocampal CA1 Population Simultaneously Codes Temporal Information over Multiple Timescales.
Academic Article Hippocampal "time cells": time versus path integration.
Academic Article Flexible resonance in prefrontal networks with strong feedback inhibition.
Academic Article Hippocampal Place Fields Maintain a Coherent and Flexible Map across Long Timescales.
Academic Article A neural microcircuit model for a scalable scale-invariant representation of time.
Academic Article The Firing Rate Speed Code of Entorhinal Speed Cells Differs across Behaviorally Relevant Time Scales and Does Not Depend on Medial Septum Inputs.
Academic Article Specific Basal Forebrain-Cortical Cholinergic Circuits Coordinate Cognitive Operations.
Academic Article Bat and rat neurons differ in theta-frequency resonance despite similar coding of space.
Academic Article Arc length coding by interference of theta frequency oscillations may underlie context-dependent hippocampal unit data and episodic memory function.
Academic Article Segregation of cortical head direction cell assemblies on alternating ? cycles.
Academic Article A phase code for memory could arise from circuit mechanisms in entorhinal cortex.
Academic Article Location memory: separate cortical coding for distal and local cues.
Academic Article GABA(B) presynaptic inhibition has an in vivo time constant sufficiently rapid to allow modulation at theta frequency.
Academic Article Analysis of theta power in hippocampal EEG during bar pressing and running behavior in rats during distinct behavioral contexts.
Academic Article Head direction cells in the postsubiculum do not show replay of prior waking sequences during sleep.
Academic Article Comparison of properties of medial entorhinal cortex layer II neurons in two anatomical dimensions with and without cholinergic activation.
Academic Article Dynamics of learning and recall at excitatory recurrent synapses and cholinergic modulation in rat hippocampal region CA3.
Academic Article Working Memory Performance Correlates with Prefrontal-Hippocampal Theta Interactions but not with Prefrontal Neuron Firing Rates.
Academic Article Cholinergic modulation of cortical oscillatory dynamics.
Academic Article GABA(B) modulation improves sequence disambiguation in computational models of hippocampal region CA3.
Academic Article Gradual translocation of spatial correlates of neuronal firing in the hippocampus toward prospective reward locations.
Academic Article Cellular dynamical mechanisms for encoding the time and place of events along spatiotemporal trajectories in episodic memory.
Academic Article Current questions on space and time encoding.
Academic Article An integrate-and-fire model of prefrontal cortex neuronal activity during performance of goal-directed decision making.
Academic Article CA3 sees the big picture while dentate gyrus splits hairs.
Academic Article Neuronal rebound spiking, resonance frequency and theta cycle skipping may contribute to grid cell firing in medial entorhinal cortex.
Academic Article Medial prefrontal cortex cells show dynamic modulation with the hippocampal theta rhythm dependent on behavior.
Academic Article What is the function of hippocampal theta rhythm?--Linking behavioral data to phasic properties of field potential and unit recording data.
Academic Article Modulation of the input/output function of rat piriform cortex pyramidal cells.
Academic Article Expecting the unexpected: modeling of neuromodulation.
Academic Article A high-resolution study of hippocampal and medial temporal lobe correlates of spatial context and prospective overlapping route memory.
Academic Article Modeling goal-directed spatial navigation in the rat based on physiological data from the hippocampal formation.
Academic Article Laminar selectivity of the cholinergic suppression of synaptic transmission in rat hippocampal region CA1: computational modeling and brain slice physiology.
Academic Article Deep belief networks learn context dependent behavior.
Academic Article Coupled noisy spiking neurons as velocity-controlled oscillators in a model of grid cell spatial firing.
Academic Article Less is more: how reduced activity reflects stronger recognition.
Academic Article Hippocampal mechanisms for the context-dependent retrieval of episodes.
Academic Article Modulation of inhibition in a model of olfactory bulb reduces overlap in the neural representation of olfactory stimuli.
Academic Article Stimulation in hippocampal region CA1 in behaving rats yields long-term potentiation when delivered to the peak of theta and long-term depression when delivered to the trough.
Academic Article Mechanism of graded persistent cellular activity of entorhinal cortex layer v neurons.
Academic Article A network model of behavioural performance in a rule learning task.
Academic Article Unlocking neural complexity with a robotic key.
Academic Article Evaluation of the oscillatory interference model of grid cell firing through analysis and measured period variance of some biological oscillators.
Academic Article A model of hippocampal spiking responses to items during learning of a context-dependent task.
Academic Article A proposed function for hippocampal theta rhythm: separate phases of encoding and retrieval enhance reversal of prior learning.
Academic Article Noradrenergic suppression of synaptic transmission may influence cortical signal-to-noise ratio.
Academic Article Head direction is coded more strongly than movement direction in a population of entorhinal neurons.
Academic Article What is the Functional Relevance of Prefrontal Cortex Entrainment to Hippocampal Theta Rhythms?
Academic Article Reduction of theta rhythm dissociates grid cell spatial periodicity from directional tuning.
Academic Article Modulation of Hippocampal Circuits by Muscarinic and Nicotinic Receptors.
Academic Article An analysis of the mean theta phase of population activity in a model of hippocampal region CA1.
Academic Article Hippocampal CA1 spiking during encoding and retrieval: relation to theta phase.
Academic Article Differences in time course of ACh and GABA modulation of excitatory synaptic potentials in slices of rat hippocampus.
Academic Article Difference in time course of modulation of synaptic transmission by group II versus group III metabotropic glutamate receptors in region CA1 of the hippocampus.
Academic Article Neuroscience. The scale of experience.
Academic Article The role of hippocampal regions CA3 and CA1 in matching entorhinal input with retrieval of associations between objects and context: theoretical comment on Lee et al. (2005).
Academic Article Frequency of subthreshold oscillations at different membrane potential voltages in neurons at different anatomical positions on the dorsoventral axis in the rat medial entorhinal cortex.
Academic Article Temporal frequency of subthreshold oscillations scales with entorhinal grid cell field spacing.
Academic Article Structural Differences in Hippocampal and Entorhinal Gray Matter Volume Support Individual Differences in First Person Navigational Ability.
Academic Article Persistent firing supported by an intrinsic cellular mechanism in a component of the head direction system.
Academic Article Afferent and association fiber differences in short-term potentiation in piriform (olfactory) cortex of the rat.
Academic Article Modes and models of forebrain cholinergic neuromodulation of cognition.
Academic Article Bridging the gap: integrating cellular and functional magnetic resonance imaging studies of the hippocampus.
Academic Article Switching between "On" and "Off" states of persistent activity in lateral entorhinal layer III neurons.
Academic Article Spatial representations of hippocampal CA1 neurons are modulated by behavioral context in a hippocampus-dependent memory task.
Academic Article A model of episodic memory: mental time travel along encoded trajectories using grid cells.
Academic Article Properties and role of I(h) in the pacing of subthreshold oscillations in entorhinal cortex layer II neurons.
Academic Article Cholinergic receptor activation supports persistent firing in layer III neurons in the medial entorhinal cortex.
Academic Article Neural activity in the horizontal limb of the diagonal band of broca can be modulated by electrical stimulation of the olfactory bulb and cortex in rats.
Academic Article Shedding light on stellate cells.
Academic Article GABAergic contributions to gating, timing, and phase precession of hippocampal neuronal activity during theta oscillations.
Academic Article A hierarchical model of goal directed navigation selects trajectories in a visual environment.
Academic Article Modeling the influence of optic flow on grid cell firing in the absence of other cues1.
Academic Article A goal-directed spatial navigation model using forward trajectory planning based on grid cells.
Academic Article A model for experience-dependent changes in the responses of inferotemporal neurons.
Academic Article Grid cell firing may arise from interference of theta frequency membrane potential oscillations in single neurons.
Academic Article Cholinergic suppression of glutamatergic synaptic transmission in hippocampal region CA3 exhibits laminar selectivity: Implication for hippocampal network dynamics.
Academic Article Knock-out of HCN1 subunit flattens dorsal-ventral frequency gradient of medial entorhinal neurons in adult mice.
Academic Article Reversed and forward buffering of behavioral spike sequences enables retrospective and prospective retrieval in hippocampal regions CA3 and CA1.
Academic Article If I had a million neurons: Potential tests of cortico-hippocampal theories.
Academic Article Potential roles of cholinergic modulation in the neural coding of location and movement speed.
Academic Article GABAergic modulation of hippocampal population activity: sequence learning, place field development, and the phase precession effect.
Academic Article Selective loss of cholinergic neurons projecting to the olfactory system increases perceptual generalization between similar, but not dissimilar, odorants.
Academic Article Functional transitions between epileptiform-like activity and associative memory in hippocampal region CA3.
Academic Article Coincidence detection of place and temporal context in a network model of spiking hippocampal neurons.
Academic Article During Running in Place, Grid Cells Integrate Elapsed Time and Distance Run.
Academic Article Decoding movement trajectories through a T-maze using point process filters applied to place field data from rat hippocampal region CA1.
Academic Article Reduced spiking in entorhinal cortex during the delay period of a cued spatial response task.
Academic Article Cholinergic modulation of the resonance properties of stellate cells in layer II of medial entorhinal cortex.
Academic Article Mechanisms underlying working memory for novel information.
Academic Article Neuromodulation of I(h) in layer II medial entorhinal cortex stellate cells: a voltage-clamp study.
Academic Article Ionic mechanisms in the generation of subthreshold oscillations and action potential clustering in entorhinal layer II stellate neurons.
Academic Article Simulations of the role of the muscarinic-activated calcium-sensitive nonspecific cation current INCM in entorhinal neuronal activity during delayed matching tasks.
Academic Article Neuronal representation of environmental boundaries in egocentric coordinates.
Academic Article The Role of Hierarchical Dynamical Functions in Coding for Episodic Memory and Cognition.
Academic Article mGluR-dependent persistent firing in entorhinal cortex layer III neurons.
Academic Article Time constants of h current in layer ii stellate cells differ along the dorsal to ventral axis of medial entorhinal cortex.
Academic Article Temporally structured replay of neural activity in a model of entorhinal cortex, hippocampus and postsubiculum.
Academic Article Nicotinic modulation of glutamatergic synaptic transmission in region CA3 of the hippocampus.
Academic Article The role of expression and identity in the face-selective responses of neurons in the temporal visual cortex of the monkey.
Academic Article Computation by oscillations: implications of experimental data for theoretical models of grid cells.
Academic Article Foreword: Special issue on grid cells.
Academic Article Grid cell mechanisms and function: contributions of entorhinal persistent spiking and phase resetting.
Academic Article Graded persistent activity in entorhinal cortex neurons.
Academic Article Medial entorhinal grid cells and head direction cells rotate with a T-maze more often during less recently experienced rotations.
Academic Article Egocentric boundary vector tuning of the retrosplenial cortex.
Academic Article Trajectory-modulated hippocampal neurons persist throughout memory-guided navigation.
Academic Article Hippocampal spatial memory representations in mice are heterogeneously stable.
Grant Optogenetic manipulation of Hippocampal Rhythms, Encoding, and Retrieval (Climer NRSA)

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