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Research Expertise & Professional Interests Dr. Shipherd is currently a Clinical Research Psychologist at the Women’s Health Sciences Division of the National Center for PTSD at VA Boston Healthcare System, she is also one of two part-time Directors of the LGBT Health Program for the Veterans Health Administration in Washington DC, and a Professor of Psychiatry at Boston University School of Medicine. Dr. Shipherd earned her Ph.D. in clinical psychology at the State University of NY at Buffalo, and completed her pre-doctoral internship at the Boston Consortium at the VA Boston Healthcare System. Dr. Shipherd’s area of expertise is the interface of mental and physical health subsequent to trauma with a focus on sexual and gender minority populations. More broadly, she has published on improving healthcare system responses to the unique needs of LGBT Veterans. She is the author of over 100 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters. Dr. Kauth and Dr. Shipherd are the editors of the 2018 book, Adult Transgender Care: An Interdisciplinary Approach for Training Mental Health Professionals.

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Academic Article Sexual harassment in the Marines, posttraumatic stress symptoms, and perceived health: evidence for sex differences.
Academic Article Main and interactive effects of social support in predicting mental health symptoms in men and women following military stressor exposure.
Academic Article Posttraumatic stress symptomatology as a mediator of the association between military sexual trauma and post-deployment physical health in women.
Academic Article Posttraumatic stress symptomatology as a mediator of the relationship between warzone exposure and physical health symptoms in men and women.
Academic Article Differential Associations Between Partner Violence and Physical Health Symptoms Among Caucasian and African American Help-Seeking Women.
Academic Article Advancing LGBT Health Care Policies and Clinical Care Within a Large Academic Health Care System: A Case Study.
Academic Article Treatment experiences among LGBT veterans with discrimination-based trauma exposure: A pilot study.
Academic Article A systematic review of social stress and mental health among transgender and gender non-conforming people in the United States.
Academic Article To Know Another''s Pain: A Meta-analysis of Caregivers'' and Healthcare Providers'' Pain Assessment Accuracy.
Academic Article Experiences of trauma, discrimination, microaggressions, and minority stress among trauma-exposed LGBT veterans: Unexpected findings and unresolved service gaps.
Academic Article Race and gender discrimination in the Marines.
Academic Article Risk Factors for Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms Among Avalanche Survivors: A 16-Year Follow-Up.
Academic Article Transgender veterans are inadequately understood by health care providers.
Academic Article Are There Differences in Anti-Gay Beliefs Among U.S. Veterans and Non-Veterans? Results from the General Social Survey.
Academic Article Teleconsultation and Training of VHA Providers on Transgender Care: Implementation of a Multisite Hub System.
Academic Article The influence of combat and interpersonal trauma on PTSD, depression, and alcohol misuse in U.S. Gulf War and OEF/OIF women veterans.
Academic Article Evaluating postdeployment training for coping with intrusive cognition: A comparison of training approaches.
Academic Article Factors Associated with Suicidality Among a National Sample of Transgender Veterans.
Academic Article Intrusive Cognitive Content and Postdeployment Distress.
Academic Article Psychological and behavioral moderators of the relationship between trauma severity and HIV transmission risk behavior among MSM with a history of childhood sexual abuse.
Academic Article Sixteen-year follow-up of childhood avalanche survivors.
Academic Article Trauma, binge eating, and the "strong Black woman".
Academic Article Communication between VA providers and sexual and gender minority veterans: a pilot study.
Academic Article Do acceptance and mindfulness moderate the relationship between maladaptive beliefs and posttraumatic distress?
Academic Article Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Trauma and Self-Care (CBT-TSC) in Men Who have Sex with Men with a History of Childhood Sexual Abuse: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
Academic Article The role of military social support in understanding the relationship between PTSD, physical health, and healthcare utilization in women veterans.
Academic Article Interdisciplinary Transgender Veteran Care: Development of a Core Curriculum for VHA Providers.
Academic Article The impact of clergy-perpetrated sexual abuse: the role of gender, development, and posttraumatic stress.
Academic Article Mortality in Postmenopausal Women by Sexual Orientation and Veteran Status.
Academic Article Expanding Work to Address Disparities Among Sexual and Gender Minority Veterans: Reply to Lutwak and Kayman.
Academic Article Nationwide Interdisciplinary E-Consultation on Transgender Care in the Veterans Health Administration.
Academic Article The Manifestations of Sleep Disturbances 16 Years Post-Trauma.
Academic Article Military Sexual Assault in Transgender Veterans: Results From a Nationwide Survey.
Academic Article Access to care for transgender veterans in the Veterans Health Administration: 2006-2013.
Academic Article A preliminary examination of treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder in chronic pain patients: a case study.
Academic Article Experiences in the Veterans Health Administration and Impact on Healthcare Utilization: Comparisons Between LGBT and Non-LGBT Women Veterans.
Academic Article How does interoceptive exposure for panic disorder work? An uncontrolled case study.
Academic Article The effects of suppressing trauma-related thoughts on women with rape-related posttraumatic stress disorder.
Academic Article Mental Health of Transgender Veterans in US States With and Without Discrimination and Hate Crime Legal Protection.
Academic Article Posttraumatic stress and other health consequences of catastrophic avalanches: A 16-year follow-up of survivors.
Academic Article Utilization of the Veterans Affairs'' Transgender E-consultation Program by Health Care Providers: Mixed-Methods Study.
Grant Trauma Treatment and Recovery in LGBT Veterans
Grant HIV Prevention and Trauma Treatment for MSM with Childhood Sexual Abuse Histories

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