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Research Expertise & Professional Interests Research Investigator with over 15 years of experience in molecular biology, vascular biology, immunology, tissue injury and fibrosis, and tissue engineering. - Currently coordinates multiple research projects focusing on pulmonary fibrosis with specific emphasis on understanding transcriptional and epigenetic mechanisms driving myofibroblast differentiation and irreversible lung fibrogenesis. - Lead investigator in several research projects focusing on different aspects of cell biology including angiogenesis, vascular remodeling , inflammation and tissue fibrosis. - Experienced in developing 3D multicellular cultures and tissue organoids in serum free-defined media to study cellular response mechanisms and for drug testing. - Experienced in developing complex human 3D cellular systems using microfluidic platforms to study disease dynamics. - Extensive experience in most aspects of the drug discovery process including cell signal transduction, target selection and validation, development of in vitro cell-based assays and the design of in vivo preclinical mouse models. - Demonstrated abilities of leadership as a group manager and project leader in designing and managing multiple research projects in collaboration with universities, hospitals and health care institutions. - Large peer-reviewed publication history in the fields of research oncology, signal transduction biology, vascular biology, immunology, fibrosis and tissue engineering.

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