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Research Expertise & Professional Interests Recognized among the top one percent of NIH grant recipients over the past two decades, Dr. Stein has worked at the intersection of behavioral medicine and primary care. His outcomes research has moved between substance use disorders and HIV/AIDS, sleep and pain, mental health disorders, and the determinants of risk-taking. He has published more than 375 scientific journal articles. Dr. Stein graduated from Harvard College and received his medical degree from Columbia College of Physicians & Surgeons. After medical residency at New England Medical Center, he completed a National Research Service Award Fellowship at Brown University. He was director of HIV Services at Rhode Island Hospital for two decades. He worked for years as a consultant to tech start-ups. He is also the award-winning author of six novels and three books of non-fiction, and his writings have been noted in the Best American essay series, and appeared in many magazines and newspapers.

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Concept Communication
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Concept Data Interpretation, Statistical
Concept Drug Interactions
Concept Interferons
Concept Interinstitutional Relations
Concept Internal Medicine
Concept Internship and Residency
Concept Interpersonal Relations
Concept Interview, Psychological
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Concept Soft Tissue Infections
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Concept Host-Pathogen Interactions
Concept Motivational Interviewing
Academic Article The linkage of primary care services with substance abuse treatment: new opportunities for academic generalists.
Academic Article Sexual ethics. Disclosure of HIV-positive status to partners.
Academic Article Trillion virion delay: time from testing positive for HIV to presentation for primary care.
Academic Article Physical and sexual abuse in women infected with the human immunodeficiency virus: increased illness and health care utilization.
Academic Article The doctor-patient relationship and HIV-infected patients' satisfaction with primary care physicians.
Academic Article Validation of the screening strategy in the NIAAA "Physicians' Guide to Helping Patients with Alcohol Problems".
Academic Article Discontinuation from HIV medical care: squandering treatment opportunities.
Academic Article Educational attainment but not literacy is associated with HIV risk behavior among incarcerated women.
Academic Article Escitalopram is associated with reductions in pain severity and pain interference in opioid dependent patients with depressive symptoms.
Academic Article Management of hospitalized intravenous drug users: role of the internist.
Academic Article Correction of HIV-associated thrombocytopenia with low doses of interferon alfa.
Academic Article Differences in access to zidovudine (AZT) among symptomatic HIV-infected persons.
Academic Article HIV-positive women: reasons they are tested for HIV and their clinical characteristics on entry into the health care system.
Academic Article The ambulatory care of HIV-infected persons: a survey of physician practice patterns.
Academic Article Quality of life in persons with human immunodeficiency virus infection: measurement by the Medical Outcomes Study instrument.
Academic Article Medical complications of intravenous drug use.
Academic Article The use of multiple physicians among symptomatic HIV-positive persons.
Academic Article The association between age of hospitalized patients and the delivery of advanced cardiac life support.
Academic Article Victims as victimizers: physical aggression by persons with a history of childhood abuse.
Academic Article Who leaves against medical advice?
Academic Article Do internists and emergency physicians agree on the appropriateness of emergency department visits?
Academic Article Medical consequences of alcoholism.
Academic Article Economic effects of community versus hospital-based faculty pneumonia care.
Academic Article HIV/AIDS patients'' perspectives on adhering to regimens containing protease inhibitors.
Academic Article Physicians'' utilization of health care.
Academic Article Changes in the pattern of drug overdoses.
Academic Article Limits of patient autonomy. Physician attitudes and practices regarding life-sustaining treatments and euthanasia.
Academic Article Linkage to medical services in the Drug Abuse Treatment Outcome Study.
Academic Article Alcohol use disorders in primary care: do gender-specific differences exist?
Academic Article Effect of primary medical care on addiction and medical severity in substance abuse treatment programs.
Academic Article Nicotine and drug interaction expectancies among methadone maintained cigarette smokers.
Academic Article Hepatitis C disease among injection drug users: knowledge, perceived risk and willingness to receive treatment.
Academic Article Effects of drug abuse and mental disorders on use and type of antiretroviral therapy in HIV-infected persons.
Academic Article Interest in smoking cessation among injection drug users.
Academic Article Social relationships and intravenous drug use among methadone maintenance patients.
Academic Article A brief intervention for hazardous drinkers in a needle exchange program.
Academic Article Delay in obtaining conventional healthcare by female internal medicine patients who use herbal therapies.
Academic Article Injection frequency mediates health service use among persons with a history of drug injection.
Academic Article Delayed medical care after diagnosis in a US national probability sample of persons infected with human immunodeficiency virus.
Academic Article A randomized trial of a brief alcohol intervention for needle exchangers (BRAINE).
Academic Article Need for medical and psychosocial services among injection drug users: a comparative study of needle exchange and methadone maintenance.
Academic Article Physician attitudes regarding the prescription of medical marijuana.
Academic Article Respiratory symptom relief related to reduction in cigarette use.
Academic Article Overdoses among friends: drug users are willing to administer naloxone to others.
Academic Article Adversity among drug users: relationship to impulsivity.
Academic Article A telephone-based intervention for depression in HIV patients: negative results from a randomized clinical trial.
Academic Article Nicotine replacement therapy: patterns of use after a quit attempt among methadone-maintained smokers.
Academic Article Marijuana use among young women in a primary care setting.
Academic Article Women at risk for sexually transmitted diseases: correlates of intercourse without barrier contraception.
Academic Article Relationship quality among HIV patients and their caregivers.
Academic Article Smoking cessation patterns in methadone-maintained smokers.
Academic Article Caregiver burden and depression among informal caregivers of HIV-infected individuals.
Academic Article Buprenorphine retention in primary care.
Academic Article Can differences in breast cancer utilities explain disparities in breast cancer care?
Academic Article Training primary care clinicians in maintenance care for moderated alcohol use.
Academic Article Prevalence and patterns of sexual assault across the life span among incarcerated women.
Academic Article A smoking cessation intervention for the methadone-maintained.
Academic Article Violence against women associated with arrests for sex trade but not drug charges.
Academic Article Brief Alcohol Intervention Among At-Risk Drinkers with Diabetes.
Academic Article Risk practices associated with bacterial infections among injection drug users in Denver, Colorado.
Academic Article Do internal medicine residents find pain medication agreements useful?
Academic Article Developing a system to predict laboratory-confirmed chlamydial and/or gonococcal urethritis in adult male emergency department patients.
Academic Article Alcohol Use Among Depressed Patients: The Need for Assessment and Intervention.
Academic Article Hazardously drinking women leaving jail: time to first drink.
Academic Article Feasibility of gaining access to women in jail for health interventions.
Academic Article Initial outcomes of provider-initiated routine HIV testing and counseling during outpatient care at a rural Ugandan hospital: risky sexual behavior, partner HIV testing, disclosure, and HIV care seeking.
Academic Article A motivational intervention trial to reduce cocaine use.
Academic Article A brief alcohol intervention for hazardously drinking incarcerated women.
Academic Article Skin and needle hygiene intervention for injection drug users: results from a randomized, controlled Stage I pilot trial.
Academic Article Development of a risk reduction intervention to reduce bacterial and viral infections for injection drug users.
Academic Article Motivational and mindfulness intervention for young adult female marijuana users.
Academic Article A comparison of modified directly observed therapy to standard care for chronic hepatitis C.
Academic Article Treatment for hepatitis C virus genotype 1 infection in HIV-infected individuals on methadone maintenance therapy.
Academic Article A brief marijuana intervention for non-treatment-seeking young adult women.
Academic Article Chronic pain and depression among primary care patients treated with buprenorphine.
Academic Article Open Trial of an Acceptance-Based Behavior Therapy Intervention to Engage Newly Diagnosed HIV Patients in Care: Rationale and Evidence of Feasibility and Acceptability.
Academic Article Buprenorphine treatment for hospitalized, opioid-dependent patients: a randomized clinical trial.
Academic Article A Randomized Controlled Trial to Compare Computer-assisted Motivational Intervention with Didactic Educational Counseling to Reduce Unprotected Sex in Female Adolescents.
Academic Article Feasibility of a Supportive Other Intervention for Opiate-Dependent Patients Entering Inpatient Detoxification.
Academic Article Patients'' Beliefs About Medications are Associated with Stated Preference for Methadone, Buprenorphine, Naltrexone, or no Medication-Assisted Therapy Following Inpatient Opioid Detoxification.
Academic Article Baseline Substance Use Interferes with Maintenance of HIV Medication Adherence Skills.
Academic Article Developing a Fitbit-supported lifestyle physical activity intervention for depressed alcohol dependent women.
Academic Article Risk Factors Associated With Skin and Soft Tissue Infections Among Hospitalized People Who Inject Drugs.
Academic Article A developmental-based motivational intervention to reduce alcohol and marijuana use among non-treatment-seeking young adults: a randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article The provision of cell phones as a recruitment and retention strategy for people who inject drugs enrolling in a randomized trial.
Academic Article Changes in Coping, Autonomous Motivation, and Beliefs about Exercise among Women in Early Recovery from Alcohol Participating in a Lifestyle Physical Activity Intervention.
Academic Article Differential T cell response against BK virus regulatory and structural antigens: A viral dynamics modelling approach.
Academic Article The Internist''s Challenge: Addressing Our Patients'' Unhealthy Substance Use.
Academic Article The Role of Technology-Based Interventions for Substance Use Disorders in Primary Care: A Review of the Literature.
Academic Article A new brief opioid stigma scale to assess perceived public attitudes and internalized stigma: Evidence for construct validity.
Academic Article Emerging Adults'' Discussion of Substance Use and Sexual Behavior with Providers.
Academic Article Should a Prison Salt Trial Be Federally Funded?
Academic Article MRFIT, "MS FIT," and alcohol use.
Academic Article Undocumented HIV infection.
Academic Article Self-treatment of skin infections by people who inject drugs.
Academic Article Project CHOICE: Choosing healthy options in coping with emotions, an EMA/EMI plus in-person intervention for alcohol use.
Academic Article A Randomized Trial Comparing Brief Advice and Motivational Interviewing for Persons with HIV-HCV Co-infection Who Drink Alcohol.
Grant A Targeted, Real-Time, Technology-Supported Intervention for Patients with Alcohol Use Disorder on Disulfiram
Grant Physician-Patient Communication, Decision Making and Management in Chronic Pain
Grant Brief Acceptance-Based Retention Intervention for Newly Diagnosed HIV Patient
Grant Comparing Brief Alcohol Intervention for HIV-HCV Co-infected Persons
Grant Peer-Facilitated Physical Activity Intervention Delivered During Methadone Maintenance
Academic Article Mechanical intestinal obstruction from pseudocyst bezoar following internal drainage of traumatic pancreatic pseudocyst.

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