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Research Expertise & Professional Interests Marc Howard, PhD, is a Professor in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences and member of the Center for Memory and Brain. He received his PhD from Brandeis University in Neuroscience. His research interests include: cognitive and neural representation of time and space; mathematical psychology; computational neuroscience; episodic and semantic memory; and reward learning and prediction. About the Theoretical Cognitive Neuroscience Lab: We develop mathematical models of cognition and evaluate them against both behavioral and neurophysiological data, providing a bridge between cognition and systems-level neuroscience. We use a combination of mathematical, computational and behavioral tools to evaluate our hypotheses. The topics we investigate are centered on episodic memory, the ability we have to remember specific events situated in a particular spatiotemporal context. At present, our efforts are focused on developing and evaluating a unified mathematical framework to describe how the brain constructs the spatial and temporal context believed to underlie episodic memory. This model appears to have far-ranging implications, leading to research interests in statistical learning, semantic memory, time perception, and reward systems.

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Academic Article The temporal context model in spatial navigation and relational learning: toward a common explanation of medial temporal lobe function across domains.
Academic Article The persistence of memory: contiguity effects across hundreds of seconds.
Academic Article Spacing and lag effects in free recall of pure lists.
Academic Article Gradual changes in hippocampal activity support remembering the order of events.
Academic Article Aging selectively impairs recollection in recognition memory for pictures: evidence from modeling and receiver operating characteristic curves.
Academic Article Place from time: Reconstructing position from a distributed representation of temporal context.
Academic Article Timing using temporal context.
Academic Article The hippocampus, time, and memory across scales.
Academic Article A distributed representation of internal time.
Academic Article Time and space in the hippocampus.
Academic Article A unified mathematical framework for coding time, space, and sequences in the hippocampal region.
Academic Article Neural scaling laws for an uncertain world.
Academic Article Sequential Firing Codes for Time in Rodent Medial Prefrontal Cortex.
Academic Article Memory as Perception of the Past: Compressed Time inMind and Brain.
Academic Article Is working memory stored along a logarithmic timeline? Converging evidence from neuroscience, behavior and models.
Academic Article Medial Temporal Lobe Amnesia Is Associated with a Deficit in Recovering Temporal Context.
Academic Article A neural microcircuit model for a scalable scale-invariant representation of time.
Academic Article Estimating Scale-Invariant Future in Continuous Time.

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