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Concept Auditory Perception
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Academic Article Training effects on speech production using a hands-free electromyographically controlled electrolarynx.
Academic Article Acoustic correlate of vocal effort in spasmodic dysphonia.
Academic Article Combined Auditory and Vibrotactile Feedback for Human-Machine-Interface Control.
Academic Article Relative to direct haptic feedback, remote vibrotactile feedback improves but slows object manipulation.
Academic Article The relationship between perception of vocal effort and relative fundamental frequency during voicing offset and onset.
Academic Article Individual Monitoring of Vocal Effort With Relative Fundamental Frequency: Relationships With Aerodynamics and Listener Perception.
Academic Article Categorical vowel perception enhances the effectiveness and generalization of auditory feedback in human-machine-interfaces.
Academic Article Comparison of nasal acceleration and nasalance across vowels.
Academic Article Talker identification across source mechanisms: experiments with laryngeal and electrolarynx speech.
Academic Article Effects of Adventitious Acute Vocal Trauma: Relative Fundamental Frequency and Listener Perception.
Academic Article Effects of Biofeedback on Control and Generalization of Nasalization in Typical Speakers.
Academic Article Listener Perception of Monopitch, Naturalness, and Intelligibility for Speakers With Parkinson''s Disease.
Academic Article Evidence for Auditory-Motor Impairment in Individuals With Hyperfunctional Voice Disorders.
Academic Article Kinematic Analysis of Speech Sound Sequencing Errors Induced by Delayed Auditory Feedback.
Academic Article Loudness Perception of Pure Tones in Parkinson''s Disease.
Academic Article The relationship between acoustical and perceptual measures of vocal effort.
Academic Article The Relationship Between Physiological Mechanisms and the Self-Perception of Vocal Effort.
Academic Article Test-Retest Reliability of Relative Fundamental Frequency and Conventional Acoustic, Aerodynamic, and Perceptual Measures in Individuals With Healthy Voices.
Academic Article Visual Analog Scale Ratings and Orthographic Transcription Measures of Sentence Intelligibility in Parkinson''s Disease With Variable Listener Exposure.
Academic Article Categorization in the Perception of Breathy Voice Quality and Its Relation to Voice Production in Healthy Speakers.
Academic Article Listener Age and Gender Diversity: Effects on Voice-based Perception of Gender.
Academic Article Relationships between vocal pitch perception and production: a developmental perspective.

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