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Academic Article Preattentive and attentive visual search in individuals with hemispatial neglect.
Academic Article Triangular backgrounds shift line bisection performance in hemispatial neglect: the critical point.
Academic Article Aware and unaware perception in hemispatial neglect: evidence from a stem completion priming task.
Academic Article Stress-related psychological symptoms are associated with increased attentional capture by visually salient distractors.
Academic Article Attenuating illusory binding with TMS of the right parietal cortex.
Academic Article Coming unbound: disrupting automatic integration of synesthetic color and graphemes by transcranial magnetic stimulation of the right parietal lobe.
Academic Article Different effects of voluntary and involuntary attention on EEG activity in the gamma band.
Academic Article Categorization influences illusory conjunctions.
Academic Article Control of spatial and feature-based attention in frontoparietal cortex.
Academic Article Sustaining visual attention in the face of distraction: a novel gradual-onset continuous performance task.
Academic Article Shifting attention in viewer- and object-based reference frames after unilateral brain injury.
Academic Article Frontal eye field involvement in sustaining visual attention: evidence from transcranial magnetic stimulation.
Academic Article Tracking the will to attend: Cortical activity indexes self-generated, voluntary shifts of attention.
Academic Article Changes in the distribution of sustained attention alter the perceived structure of visual space.
Academic Article Sustained attention training reduces spatial bias in Parkinson''s disease: a pilot case series.
Academic Article Pattern classification of EEG signals reveals perceptual and attentional states.
Academic Article Spontaneous default network activity reflects behavioral variability independent of mind-wandering.
Academic Article Attentional Fluctuations Influence the Neural Fidelity and Connectivity of Stimulus Representations.
Academic Article The attentional repulsion effect and relative size judgments.

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