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Concept Health Policy
Academic Article Changing corporate practices to reduce cancer disparities.
Academic Article Addressing social determinants of health inequities: learning from doing.
Academic Article The impact of New York City''s 1975 fiscal crisis on the tuberculosis, HIV, and homicide syndemic.
Academic Article Health care financing and utilization of maternal health services in developing countries.
Academic Article Equity of skilled birth attendant utilization in developing countries: financing and policy determinants.
Academic Article Bypassing primary care facilities for childbirth: a population-based study in rural Tanzania.
Academic Article Smoking and the emergence of a stigmatized social status.
Academic Article Community and health system factors associated with facility delivery in rural Tanzania: a multilevel analysis.
Academic Article The impact of corporate practices on health: implications for health policy.
Academic Article Epidemiology and the macrosocial determinants of health.
Academic Article Neo-liberal economic practices and population health: a cross-national analysis, 1980-2004.
Academic Article Equity and the child health Millennium Development Goal: the role of pro-poor health policies.
Academic Article Values, compelling ideas, the pace of science, and the implementation of evidence-based policy.
Academic Article Commentary on Harper S, Strumpf EC, Kaufman JS. Do medical marijuana laws increase marijuana use? Replication study and extension.
Academic Article The Health Policy Attitudes of American Medical Students: A Pilot Survey.
Academic Article How does state marijuana policy affect US youth? Medical marijuana laws, marijuana use and perceived harmfulness: 1991-2014.
Academic Article A Public Health of Consequence: Review of the January 2017 Issue of AJPH.
Award or Honor Receipt David Rogers Health Policy Colloquium
Award or Honor Receipt David Rogers Health Policy Colloquium
Award or Honor Receipt Health Policy Investigator Award
Academic Article Big Data and Population Health: Focusing on the Health Impacts of the Social, Physical, and Economic Environment.
Academic Article Alcohol control policies and alcohol consumption: an international comparison of 167 countries.
Academic Article On the Production of Useful Knowledge.
Academic Article An Unhealthy Mismatch.
Academic Article How the Trump Administration''s Policies May Harm the Public''s Health.
Academic Article Health as a Means, Not an End: A Public Health of Consequence, May 2019.
Academic Article Social determinants of health, data science, and decision-making: Forging a transdisciplinary synthesis.

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