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Concept Health Status Disparities
Concept Healthcare Disparities
Academic Article Racial/ethnic disparities in overdose mortality trends in New York City, 1990-1998.
Academic Article Changing corporate practices to reduce cancer disparities.
Academic Article Reducing disparities in vaccination rates between different racial/ethnic and socioeconomic groups: the potential of community-based multilevel interventions.
Academic Article Challenges in understanding disparities in drug use and its consequences.
Academic Article Gender disparities in posttraumatic stress disorder after mass trauma.
Academic Article Explaining racial disparities in incidence of and survival from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.
Academic Article Disparities in mental health treatment following the World Trade Center Disaster: implications for mental health care and health services research.
Academic Article A prospective population based study of changes in alcohol use and binge drinking after a mass traumatic event.
Academic Article Predictors of influenza vaccination in an urban community during a national shortage.
Academic Article Expanding the universe of universal coverage: the population health argument for increasing coverage for immigrants.
Academic Article Epidemiology and the macrosocial determinants of health.
Academic Article Equity and the child health Millennium Development Goal: the role of pro-poor health policies.
Academic Article Ethnic inequalities in obesity among children and adults in the UK: a systematic review of the literature.
Academic Article Unevenly distributed: a systematic review of the health literature about socioeconomic inequalities in adult obesity in the United Kingdom.
Academic Article Racial disparities in posttraumatic stress after diagnosis of localized breast cancer: the BQUAL study.
Academic Article Socioeconomic inequalities in childhood obesity in the United Kingdom: a systematic review of the literature.
Academic Article The relationship between discrimination and high-risk social ties by race/ethnicity: examining social pathways of HIV risk.
Academic Article Public Health in the Precision-Medicine Era.
Academic Article Cumulative socioeconomic disadvantage and cardiovascular disease mortality in the Alameda County Study 1965 to 2000.
Academic Article Socioeconomic position, health behaviors, and racial disparities in cause-specific infant mortality in Michigan, USA.
Academic Article Addressing population health and health inequalities: the role of fundamental causes.
Academic Article Six paths for the future of social epidemiology.
Academic Article Galea and Link respond to "Pathologies of social epidemiology," "Social epidemiology and scientific realism," and "Off-roading with social epidemiology".
Academic Article The color of debt: racial disparities in anticipated medical student debt in the United States.
Academic Article Reducing racial disparities in obesity: simulating the effects of improved education and social network influence on diet behavior.
Academic Article Socio-economic patterning in adulthood and depressive symptoms among a community sample of older adults in the United States.
Academic Article On Adopting Solutions to Improve Population Health: Do We Have the Political Will?
Academic Article Individual and Neighborhood Characteristics Associated with HIV Among Black and Latino Adults Who Use Drugs and Unaware of Their HIV-Positive Status, New York City, 2000-2004.
Academic Article Social Environments, Genetics, and Black-White Disparities in Infant Mortality.
Academic Article Neighbourhood food, physical activity, and educational environments and black/white disparities in obesity: a complex systems simulation analysis.
Academic Article Depression among current, former, and never smokers from 2005 to 2013: The hidden role of disparities in depression in the ongoing tobacco epidemic.
Academic Article Population health in an era of rising income inequality: USA, 1980-2015.
Academic Article A Public Health of Consequence: Review of the March 2017 Issue of AJPH.
Academic Article Trends in depression prevalence in the USA from 2005 to 2015: widening disparities in vulnerable groups.

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