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Research Expertise & Professional Interests Laboratory of Addiction Genetics (Advisor: Dr. Camron Bryant), Department of Pharmacology, Boston University, Boston, MA Graduate student (PhD); 2013-present • Utilized TALENs gene editing to generate Hnrnph1 & Rufy1 knock-out mice • Established & managed large-scale mouse breeding colonies for multiple strains • Developed custom qPCR, PCR, & restriction enzyme-based genotyping protocols • Mastered open field, elevated plus maze, & conditioned place preference behavioral assessments • Executed bioinformatic transcriptome & spice variant analyses • Established & optimized a mouse brain tissue immunohistochemistry pipeline • Spearheaded interdisciplinary collaborations with local & offsite laboratories • Mentored undergraduates in various laboratory & behavioral techniques Department of Biology (Advisor: Dr. Eduardo Macagno), UCSD, La Jolla, CA Undergraduate researcher & graduate student (M.S.); 2011-2012 • Mastered recombinant DNA techniques including primer design, PCR, restriction enzyme digests, gel electrophoresis, insert-vector ligations & bacterial cloning • Conducted single-neuron injections & leech embryo dissections • Delivered expression vectors on gold particles biolistically to neurons in vivo using a gene gun • Executed neural immunohistology & confocal imaging • Designed & optimized RNA probes for in situ hybridization of newly discovered Innexin genes Saier Lab, Department of Biology, Section of Molecular Biology, UCSD, La Jolla, CA Undergraduate researcher; 2008 • Trained in using NCBI GenBank, BLAST, & ClustalW online programs • Categorized bacterial monovalent cation transporters by amino acid homology

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