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Concept Brain Mapping
Academic Article Bistratified distribution of terminal arbors of individual axons projecting from area V1 to middle temporal area (MT) in the macaque monkey.
Academic Article The distribution of cholinesterase and cytochrome oxidase within the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus of the squirrel monkey.
Academic Article Divergent cortical connections to entorhinal cortex from area TF in the macaque.
Academic Article Convergence and branching patterns of round, type 2 corticopulvinar axons.
Academic Article Anatomical binding of intrinsic connections in striate cortex of tree shrews (Tupaia glis).
Academic Article Some temporal and parietal cortical connections converge in CA1 of the primate hippocampus.
Academic Article Collateralized divergent feedback connections that target multiple cortical areas.
Academic Article Divergent feedback connections from areas V4 and TEO in the macaque.
Academic Article Single axon analysis of pulvinocortical connections to several visual areas in the macaque.
Academic Article Non-uniformity of extrinsic connections and columnar organization.
Academic Article Feedback connections from area MT of the squirrel monkey to areas V1 and V2.
Academic Article Axon collaterals of Meynert cells diverge over large portions of area V1 in the macaque monkey.
Academic Article Intrinsic collaterals of layer 6 Meynert cells and functional columns in primate V1.
Academic Article Zinc-enriched amygdalo- and hippocampo-cortical connections to the inferotemporal cortices in macaque monkey.
Academic Article Confocal mapping of cortical inputs onto identified pyramidal neurons.
Academic Article Cortical connections to area TE in monkey: hybrid modular and distributed organization.
Academic Article Long-distance corticocortical GABAergic neurons in the adult monkey white and gray matter.
Academic Article Reciprocal connectivity of identified color-processing modules in the monkey inferior temporal cortex.
Academic Article Mapping social behavior-induced brain activation at cellular resolution in the mouse.

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