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A Working Memory Buffer in Parahippocampal Regions: Evidence from a Load Effect during the Delay Period.Academic Article Why?
Contributions of the hippocampal subfields and entorhinal cortex to disambiguation during working memory.Academic Article Why?
Cortical mechanisms of cognitive control for shifting attention in vision and working memory.Academic Article Why?
Effects of age, speed of processing, and working memory on comprehension of sentences with relative clauses.Academic Article Why?
FMRI of visual working memory in high school football players.Academic Article Why?
Gamma oscillations correlate with working memory load in humans.Academic Article Why?
Greater working memory load results in greater medial temporal activity at retrieval.Academic Article Why?
Medial temporal lobe contributions to short-term memory for faces.Academic Article Why?
Memory integration in amnesia: prior knowledge supports verbal short-term memory.Academic Article Why?
Neuronal assembly dynamics in the beta1 frequency range permits short-term memory.Academic Article Why?
Role of the hippocampus and orbitofrontal cortex during the disambiguation of social cues in working memory.Academic Article Why?
Selective inactivation of adenosine A(2A) receptors in striatal neurons enhances working memory and reversal learning.Academic Article Why?
Shared filtering processes link attentional and visual short-term memory capacity limits.Academic Article Why?
Short-term memory and aphasia.Academic Article Why?
Short-Term Memory for Space and Time Flexibly Recruit Complementary Sensory-Biased Frontal Lobe Attention Networks.Academic Article Why?
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