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Probing the virus host interaction in high containment: an approach using pooled short hairpin RNA.Academic Article Why?
Connor, JohnPerson Why?
Translational control by negative-strand RNA viruses: methods for the study of a crucial virus/host interaction.Academic Article Why?
Muhlberger, ElkePerson Why?
Role of residues 121 to 124 of vesicular stomatitis virus matrix protein in virus assembly and virus-host interaction.Academic Article Why?
Interpreting cancer genomes using systematic host network perturbations by tumour virus proteins.Academic Article Why?
Zika virus induced cellular remodelling.Academic Article Why?
Functional Interplay Between Murine Leukemia Virus Glycogag, Serinc5, and Surface Glycoprotein Governs Virus Entry, with Opposite Effects on Gammaretroviral and Ebolavirus Glycoproteins.Academic Article Why?
Alzheimer''s associated ß-amyloid protein inhibits influenza A virus and modulates viral interactions with phagocytes.Academic Article Why?
Integrated Omics and Computational Glycobiology Reveal Structural Basis for Influenza A Virus Glycan Microheterogeneity and Host Interactions.Academic Article Why?
Lassa and Marburg viruses elicit distinct host transcriptional responses early after infection.Academic Article Why?
Measles Virus Host Invasion and Pathogenesis.Academic Article Why?
New concepts in measles virus replication: getting in and out in vivo and modulating the host cell environment.Academic Article Why?
Distinct effects of knocking down MEK1 and MEK2 on replication of herpes simplex virus type 2.Academic Article Why?
Inhibition of heat-shock protein 90 reduces Ebola virus replication.Academic Article Why?
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