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Is Open Vascular Surgery or Endovascular Surgery the Better Option for Lower Extremity Arterial Occlusive Disease?Academic Article Why?
Trend, Risk Factors, and Costs of Clostridium difficile Infections in Vascular Surgery.Academic Article Why?
VESS17. Factors Affecting Academic Advancement in Vascular SurgeryAcademic Article Why?
Vascular Surgery in North America: Current Perspectives in Peripheral Arterial DiseaseAcademic Article Why?
A third-year surgery clerkship with extensive exposure to vascular surgery improves knowledge about vascular disease and the role of vascular surgeons in its management.Academic Article Why?
Perspectives on endovascular training in traditional 5+2 vascular surgery fellowship training programs.Academic Article Why?
Correlation between preoperative ischemia and major cardiac events after peripheral vascular surgery.Academic Article Why?
Detection and significance of intraoperative and postoperative myocardial ischemia in peripheral vascular surgery.Academic Article Why?
External Mechanical Devices and Vascular Surgery for Erectile Dysfunction.Academic Article Why?
Occurrence of "never events" after major open vascular surgery procedures.Academic Article Why?
Outcomes and risk factors of cardiac arrest after vascular surgery procedures.Academic Article Why?
The Formal Response of Vascular Surgery Trainees to ACGME RecommendationsAcademic Article Why?
Silent ischemia preceding sudden cardiac death in a patient after vascular surgery.Academic Article Why?
Annals of Vascular SurgeryAcademic Article Why?
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