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Care Transitions From Patient and Caregiver Perspectives.Academic Article Why?
Reducing unnecessary hospital readmissions: the pharmacist's role in care transitions.Academic Article Why?
Family Physicians and Hospitalists in Improving Transitions of Care (invited commentary)Academic Article Why?
Gaps in monitoring during oral anticoagulation: insights into care transitions, monitoring barriers, and medication nonadherence.Academic Article Why?
Safety Considerations During Transitions of Care From Inpatient to Outpatient Settings.Academic Article Why?
Understanding Barriers and Facilitators to Care Transitions: Insights from Project ACHIEVE Site VisitsAcademic Article Why?
Treating Comorbid Depression During Care Transitions with Relational AgentsGrant Why?
Jack, BrianPerson Why?
Care transitions from the hospital to home for patients with mobility impairments: patient and family caregiver experiences.Academic Article Why?
Mitchell, SuzannePerson Why?
Perspective: beyond counting hours: the importance of supervision, professionalism, transitions of care, and workload in residency training.Academic Article Why?
Cooper, EllenPerson Why?
Enhancing transitions from addiction treatment to primary care.Academic Article Why?
The Effect of Transitions in Caregiving Status and Intensity on Perceived Stress Among 992 Female Caregivers and Noncaregivers.Academic Article Why?
Caruso, LisaPerson Why?
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