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Toward Systems Science in Rehabilitation.Academic Article Why?
Systems Science and Population HealthAcademic Article Why?
Opening a window on systems science research in health promotion and public health.Academic Article Why?
Complex Systems Science Approaches to Addressing Oral Health DisparitiesGrant Why?
Complex systems science approaches to oral health disparitiesGrant Why?
Fabian, MariaPerson Why?
Heaton, BrendaPerson Why?
Exploring the integration of social and systems sciences to study evidence use among child welfare policymakersAcademic Article Why?
Thirty-second Annual Hawai’i Conference on Systems Sciences, MauiAcademic Article Why?
Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Proceedings of Computation and Simulation in Modelling Biological SystemsAcademic Article Why?
Elliott, PatriciaPerson Why?
In: Analyses of the effects of global change on human health and welfare and human systems. A Report by the U.S. Climate Change Science Program and the Subcommittee on Global Change Research. (Gamble JL ed.) (Ebi KL, Sussman FG, Wilbanks TG authors)Academic Article Why?
Sheldrick, RadleyPerson Why?
Stanley, H.Person Why?
Galea, SandroPerson Why?
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