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A systems biology approach to infectious disease research: innovating the pathogen-host research paradigm.Academic Article Why?
A systems biology framework identifies molecular underpinnings of coronary heart disease.Academic Article Why?
Developmental engineering: design of clinically efficacious bioartificial tissues through developmental and systems biology.Academic Article Why?
Investigating Bacterial Protein Synthesis Using Systems Biology Approaches.Academic Article Why?
Piwi Proteins and piRNAs step onto the systems biology stage.Academic Article Why?
Systems Biology Approaches to Redox Metabolism in Stress and Disease States.Academic Article Why?
Systems biology by the rules: hybrid intelligent systems for pathway modeling and discovery.Academic Article Why?
Systems medicine: evolution of systems biology from bench to bedside.Academic Article Why?
Galagan, JamesPerson Why?
A systems biology approach towards understanding and treating non-neovascular age-related macular degeneration.Academic Article Why?
A novel systems biology approach to evaluate mouse models of late-onset Alzheimer''s disease.Academic Article Why?
Letter to the editor: "Systems biology versus reductionism in cell physiology".Academic Article Why?
Systems biology of cancerAcademic Article Why?
Systems Biology of Cancer Editor: Sam ThiagalingamAcademic Article Why?
Systems biology: An emerging strategy for discovering novel pathogenetic mechanisms that promote cardiovascular disease.Academic Article Why?
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