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beta-Synuclein reduces proteasomal inhibition by alpha-synuclein but not gamma-synuclein.Academic Article Why?
Wolozin, BenjaminPerson Why?
A pilot trial of the microtubule-interacting peptide (NAP) in mice overexpressing alpha-synuclein shows improvement in motor function and reduction of alpha-synuclein inclusions.Academic Article Why?
Alpha-synuclein is localized in a subpopulation of rat brain synaptic vesicles.Academic Article Why?
Angiotensin II protects against alpha-synuclein toxicity and reduces protein aggregation in vitro.Academic Article Why?
Detection of disease-associated a-synuclein in the cerebrospinal fluid: a feasibility study.Academic Article Why?
Interactions between fatty acids and alpha-synuclein.Academic Article Why?
Leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 induces alpha-synuclein expression via the extracellular signal-regulated kinase pathway.Academic Article Why?
Mice lacking alpha-synuclein are resistant to mitochondrial toxins.Academic Article Why?
Parkinson-associated risk variant in distal enhancer of a-synuclein modulates target gene expression.Academic Article Why?
SynucleinsConcept Why?
Following the leader: fibrillization of alpha-synuclein and tau.Academic Article Why?
MPTP induces alpha-synuclein aggregation in the substantia nigra of baboons.Academic Article Why?
Aggregated and monomeric alpha-synuclein bind to the S6' proteasomal protein and inhibit proteasomal function.Academic Article Why?
Co-association of parkin and alpha-synuclein.Academic Article Why?
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