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Stepp, CaraPerson Why?
Moore, ChristopherPerson Why?
Tager-Flusberg, HelenPerson Why?
Data-driven subclassification of speech sound disorders in preschool children.Academic Article Why?
Distinct developmental profiles in typical speech acquisition.Academic Article Why?
Kinematic Analysis of Speech Sound Sequencing Errors Induced by Delayed Auditory Feedback.Academic Article Why?
Post-laryngectomy speech respiration patterns.Academic Article Why?
Nasal consonant production in Broca's and Wernicke's aphasics: speech deficits and neuroanatomical correlates.Academic Article Why?
Role of subvocal motor activity in dichotic speech perception and selective attention.Academic Article Why?
Speech production in schizophrenia: preliminary data regarding voice onset time.Academic Article Why?
Comparison of nasal acceleration and nasalance across vowels.Academic Article Why?
Talker identification across source mechanisms: experiments with laryngeal and electrolarynx speech.Academic Article Why?
The Effects of Modulating Fundamental Frequency and Speech Rate on the Intelligibility, Communication Efficiency, and Perceived Naturalness of Synthetic Speech.Academic Article Why?
Physiologic development of speech production. Speech Motor Control in Normal and Disordered SpeechAcademic Article Why?
Estimating mandibular motion based on chin surface targets during speech.Academic Article Why?
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