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SpectrophotometryConcept Why?
Spectrophotometry, AtomicConcept Why?
Spectrophotometry, InfraredConcept Why?
Spectrophotometry, UltravioletConcept Why?
Comparison between ultraviolet-visible and near-infrared elastic scattering spectroscopy of chemically induced melanomas in an animal model.Academic Article Why?
Cornwall, M.Person Why?
Day-to-day variations in iron, zinc and copper in breast milk of Guatemalan mothers.Academic Article Why?
Detection of macrophage activity in atherosclerosis in vivo using multichannel, high-resolution laser scanning fluorescence microscopy.Academic Article Why?
Infrared photodissociation spectroscopy of electrosprayed ions in a Fourier transform mass spectrometer.Academic Article Why?
Interaction of recombinant surfactant protein D with lipopolysaccharide: conformation and orientation of bound protein by IRRAS and simulations.Academic Article Why?
Mechanistic investigation of cyclohexane oxidation by a non-heme iron complex: evidence of product inhibition by UV/vis stopped-flow studies.Academic Article Why?
Medical hyperspectral imaging to facilitate residual tumor identification during surgery.Academic Article Why?
Near-infrared estimation of O2 supply and consumption in forearm muscles working at varying intensity.Academic Article Why?
Numerous isomers of serine octamer ions characterized by infrared photodissociation spectroscopy.Academic Article Why?
Partial-wave microscopic spectroscopy detects subwavelength refractive index fluctuations: an application to cancer diagnosis.Academic Article Why?
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