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A whole-blood transcriptome meta-analysis identifies gene expression signatures of cigarette smoking.Academic Article Why?
Characteristics of Cigarette Smoking in Individuals in Smoking Concordant and Smoking Discordant Couples.Academic Article Why?
A null association between active or passive cigarette smoking and breast cancer risk.Academic Article Why?
Active and passive cigarette smoking and the occurrence of breast cancer.Academic Article Why?
Cigarette smoking topography in smokers with schizophrenia and matched non-psychiatric controls.Academic Article Why?
Inner-city adults' knowledge about the effects of cigarette smoking on child health.Academic Article Why?
Maternal periconceptional exposure to cigarette smoking and congenital limb deficiencies.Academic Article Why?
Posttraumatic Symptom Reporting and Reported Cigarette Smoking During Pregnancy.Academic Article Why?
Association between cigarette smoking and erectile tumescence: the mediating role of heart rate variability.Academic Article Why?
Cigarette smoking among adults with mobility impairments: a US population-based survey.Academic Article Why?
Effects of contingency management and bupropion on cigarette smoking in smokers with schizophrenia.Academic Article Why?
Risk of tooth loss after cigarette smoking cessation.Academic Article Why?
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