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A population-based study of US women's preferred versus usual sources of reproductive health care.Academic Article Why?
U.S. Women's Intended Sources for Reproductive Health Care.Academic Article Why?
Sexual and reproductive health care: a position paper of the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine.Academic Article Why?
Bhutta, ZulfiqarPerson Why?
Reproductive health care and family planning needs among incarcerated women.Academic Article Why?
Austad, KirstenPerson Why?
Comprehensive healthcare: why is the inclusion of reproductive health controversial for women but not men?Academic Article Why?
Arlos, AlexaPerson Why?
How does religious affiliation affect women''s attitudes toward reproductive health policy? Implications for the Affordable Care Act.Academic Article Why?
Learning from UJAMBO: Perspectives on Gynecologic Care in African Immigrant and Refugee Women in Boston, Massachusetts.Academic Article Why?
Care with dignity in humanitarian crises: ensuring sexual and reproductive health and rights of displaced populations.Academic Article Why?
Health care clinicians in sexual health medicine: focus on erectile dysfunction.Academic Article Why?
Women and children last--the predictable effects of proposed federal funding cuts.Academic Article Why?
Equity dimensions of the availability and quality of reproductive, maternal and neonatal health services in Zambia.Academic Article Why?
Addressing reproductive health disparities as a healthcare management priority: pursuing equity in the era of the Affordable Care Act.Academic Article Why?
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