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Jha, Ashish KumarPerson Why?
Rosen, AmyPerson Why?
Improving methods for measuring quality of care: a patient-centered approach in chronic disease.Academic Article Why?
The quality of care for adults with epilepsy: an initial glimpse using the QUIET measure.Academic Article Why?
Care that Matters: Quality Measurement and Health Care.Academic Article Why?
Hospital cost of care, quality of care, and readmission rates: penny wise and pound foolish?Academic Article Why?
A novel tool for assessing primary care quality at the point of care in Vietnam.Academic Article Why?
Patient experiences of primary care quality amongst different types of health care facilities in central Vietnam.Academic Article Why?
Measuring patient-perceived quality of care in US hospitals using Twitter.Academic Article Why?
Relationship Between Patient Centered Care, Technical Care Quality, Other Care Processes, and OutcomesGrant Why?
Enhanced primary care and impact on quality of care in Massachusetts.Academic Article Why?
Correlations among measures of quality in HIV care in the United States: cross sectional study.Academic Article Why?
Provider workload and quality of care in primary care settings: moderating role of relational climate.Academic Article Why?
Health care reorganization and quality of care: unintended effects on pressure ulcer prevention.Academic Article Why?
Job satisfaction of primary care team members and quality of care.Academic Article Why?
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