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Protein III: structure, function, and genetics.Academic Article Why?
Gursky, OlgaPerson Why?
Protein structure and function: histatins. Proceedings of the conference on Oral Biology at the turn of the century: Misconceptions, truths, challenges and prospectsAcademic Article Why?
In "Structure, Function and Evolution in ProteinsAcademic Article Why?
Monoclonal antibody-assisted structure-function analysis of the carbohydrate recognition domain of surfactant protein D.Academic Article Why?
Mechanical and failure properties of extracellular matrix sheets as a function of structural protein composition.Academic Article Why?
Serum amyloid A self-assembles with phospholipids to form stable protein-rich nanoparticles with a distinct structure: A hypothetical function of SAA as a "molecular mop" in immune response.Academic Article Why?
McKnight, C.Person Why?
Structure and function analysis of the CMS/CIN85 protein family identifies actin-bundling properties and heterotypic-complex formation.Academic Article Why?
Insights into the structure and function of ciliary and flagellar doublet microtubules: tektins, Ca2+-binding proteins, and stable protofilaments.Academic Article Why?
Altered Domain Structure of the Prion Protein Caused by Cu2+ Binding and Functionally Relevant Mutations: Analysis by Cross-Linking, MS/MS, and NMR.Academic Article Why?
Structure-function relationships in the cysteine proteinases actinidin, papain and papaya proteinase omega. Three-dimensional structure of papaya proteinase omega deduced by knowledge-based modelling and active-centre characteristics determined by two-hydronic-state reactivity probe kinetics and kinetics of catalysis.Academic Article Why?
Salih, ErdjanPerson Why?
Allen, KarenPerson Why?
Straub, JohnPerson Why?
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