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Introduction: the Fogarty International Research Ethics Education and Curriculum Development Program in historical context.Academic Article Why?
Zen and the art of program development.Academic Article Why?
Effects of the NIH Consensus Development Program on physician practiceAcademic Article Why?
Clinician Scientist Development ProgramAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Leadership Development ProgramAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Physician Leadership Development ProgramAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Program DevelopmentConcept Why?
Mahalingaiah, ShruthiPerson Why?
Fostering the Career Development of Future Educational Leaders: The Success of the Association of Pediatric Program Directors Leadership in Educational Academic Development Program.Academic Article Why?
Wiecha, JohnPerson Why?
A faculty development program integrating cross-cultural care into a gastrointestinal pathophysiology tutorial benefits students, tutors, and the course.Academic Article Why?
Changing Medical Practice Through Technology Assessment: An Evaluation of the National Institutes of Health Consensus Development Program (Kanouse et al, eds.)Academic Article Why?
Utilizing a Faculty Development Program to Promote Safer Opioid Prescribing for Chronic Pain in Internal Medicine Resident Practices.Academic Article Why?
A hospital-based doula program and childbirth outcomes in an urban, multicultural setting.Academic Article Why?
A novel process for integrating patient stories into patient education interventions: incorporating lessons from theater arts.Academic Article Why?
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