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Impact of trained champions of comprehensive school physical activity programs on school physical activity offerings, youth physical activity and sedentary behaviors.Academic Article Why?
Exercise and physical activity in the prevention and treatment of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease: a statement from the Council on Clinical Cardiology (Subcommittee on Exercise, Rehabilitation, and Prevention) and the Council on Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Metabolism (Subcommittee on Physical Activity).Academic Article Why?
A prospective cohort study of physical activity and time to pregnancy.Academic Article Why?
A prospective study of physical activity and breast cancer incidence in African-American women.Academic Article Why?
Balancing act: approaches to healthy eating and physical activity among Boston public housing residents.Academic Article Why?
Body mass index and vigorous physical activity and the risk of heart failure among men.Academic Article Why?
Both physical activity and food intake are associated with metabolic risks in patients with schizophrenia.Academic Article Why?
Decreases in daily physical activity predict acute decline in attention and executive function in heart failure.Academic Article Why?
Depression severity, diet quality, and physical activity in women with obesity and depression.Academic Article Why?
Does early physical activity predict body fat change throughout childhood?Academic Article Why?
Endogenous circadian rhythm in human motor activity uncoupled from circadian influences on cardiac dynamics.Academic Article Why?
Hepatic steatosis is associated with lower levels of physical activity measured via accelerometry.Academic Article Why?
Leisure time physical activity in relation to depressive symptoms in the Black Women's Health Study.Academic Article Why?
Minimum recommended physical activity, and perceived barriers and benefits of exercise in methadone maintained persons.Academic Article Why?
Moderate-to-vigorous physical activity with accelerometry is associated with visceral adipose tissue in adults.Academic Article Why?
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