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Zoeller, RaphaelPerson Why?
A cell-based high-throughput screen identifies tyrphostin AG 879 as an inhibitor of animal cell phospholipid and fatty acid biosynthesis.Academic Article Why?
Apolipoprotein serum amyloid A down-regulates smooth-muscle cell lipid biosynthesis.Academic Article Why?
Isolation of novel animal cell lines defective in glycerolipid biosynthesis reveals mutations in glucose-6-phosphate isomerase.Academic Article Why?
Isolation of animal cell mutants deficient in plasmalogen biosynthesis and peroxisome assembly.Academic Article Why?
An animal cell mutant with a deficiency in acyl/alkyl-dihydroxyacetone-phosphate reductase activity. Effects on the biosynthesis of ether-linked and diacyl glycerolipids.Academic Article Why?
Isolation of a Chinese hamster fibroblast variant defective in dihydroxyacetonephosphate acyltransferase activity and plasmalogen biosynthesis: use of a novel two-step selection protocol.Academic Article Why?
Hirschberg, CarlosPerson Why?
Zannis, VassilisPerson Why?
Schreiber, BarbaraPerson Why?
Blusztajn, JanPerson Why?
Fried, SusanPerson Why?
Mantzoros, ChristosPerson Why?
Perlstein, DeborahPerson Why?
Fine, RichardPerson Why?
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