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Effects of advancing age on peripheral nerve regeneration.Academic Article Why?
Limb muscle regeneration in peripheral nerve autografts.Academic Article Why?
Age-dependent VEGF expression and intraneural neovascularization during regeneration of peripheral nerves.Academic Article Why?
Neural plasticity after peripheral nerve injury and regeneration.Academic Article Why?
Vaughan, DeborahPerson Why?
Schwann cell proliferation during Wallerian degeneration is not necessary for regeneration and remyelination of the peripheral nerves: axon-dependent removal of newly generated Schwann cells by apoptosis.Academic Article Why?
H reflex restitution and facilitation after different types of peripheral nerve injury and repair.Academic Article Why?
Superior muscle reinnervation after autologous nerve graft or poly-L-lactide-epsilon-caprolactone (PLC) tube implantation in comparison to silicone tube repair.Academic Article Why?
Valero-Cabre, AntoniPerson Why?
Acquired oculomotor synkinesis.Academic Article Why?
Morphologic and functional evaluation of peripheral nerve fibers regenerated through polyimide sieve electrodes over long-term implantation.Academic Article Why?
Christiansen, StephenPerson Why?
Changes in crossed spinal reflexes after peripheral nerve injury and repair.Academic Article Why?
Miller, JeffreyPerson Why?
Botchkarev, VladimirPerson Why?
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