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Alford, DanielPerson Why?
Update in pain medicine for primary care providers: a narrative review, 2010-2012.Academic Article Why?
Update in pain medicine.Academic Article Why?
Update in pain medicine.Academic Article Why?
Saper, RobertPerson Why?
Do internal medicine residents find pain medication agreements useful?Academic Article Why?
Opioid pharmacotherapy for chronic non-cancer pain in the United States: a research guideline for developing an evidence-base.Academic Article Why?
[Commentary]Can one be an expert in addiction medicine without expertise in pain management?Academic Article Why?
Gardiner, PaulaPerson Why?
Training internal medicine residents to manage chronic pain and prescription opioid misuse.Academic Article Why?
Ground-Breaking Research on Integrative Medicine that may Help People Living with Chronic Pain [Interview][Transcript]Academic Article Why?
Provider Perspective on Integrative Medicine for Pediatric Sickle Cell Disease-related Pain.Academic Article Why?
Gender differences in acute and chronic pain in the emergency department: results of the 2014 Academic Emergency Medicine consensus conference pain section.Academic Article Why?
Neogi, TuhinaPerson Why?
Samet, JeffreyPerson Why?
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