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Cognitive rehabilitation in clinical neuropsychology.Academic Article Why?
Interdependence of episodic and semantic memory: evidence from neuropsychology.Academic Article Why?
Comparative neuropsychology and alcoholic Korsakoff's diseaseAcademic Article Why?
Neuropsychology of Huntington's diseaseAcademic Article Why?
Superior memory: Perspective from the neuropsychology of memory disordersAcademic Article Why?
Berman, MarlenePerson Why?
Clinical Syndromes in Adult Neuropsychology: The Practitioner's HandbookAcademic Article Why?
Comparative neuropsychologyAcademic Article Why?
Comparative NeuropsychologyAcademic Article Why?
Comparative neuropsychology of cortical and subcortical dementia.Academic Article Why?
Comparative neuropsychology: Brain function in nonhuman primates and human neurobehavioral disordersAcademic Article Why?
Handbook of Neuropsychology (F. Boller and J. Grafman eds.)Academic Article Why?
Human neuropsychology: some differences between Korsakoff and normal operant performance.Academic Article Why?
Links between clinical and experimental neuropsychology.Academic Article Why?
Neuroinformatics: How it will reinnervate the field of neuropsychologyAcademic Article Why?
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