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Offner, GwynnethPerson Why?
Interaction of mucin with cholesterol enriched vesicles: role of mucin structural domains.Academic Article Why?
Mucin and Non-mucin Proteins in Gallstone PathogenesisGrant Why?
Heterogeneity of high-molecular-weight human salivary mucins.Academic Article Why?
Electron microscopic immunogold localization of salivary mucins MG1 and MG2 in human submandibular and sublingual glands.Academic Article Why?
Molecular characterization of a major high molecular weight mucin from human sublingual gland.Academic Article Why?
MUC4 is a major component of salivary mucin MG1 secreted by the human submandibular gland.Academic Article Why?
Patterns of secretion of mucins and non-mucin glycoproteins in human submandibular/sublingual secretion.Academic Article Why?
Expression of membrane-associated mucins MUC1 and MUC4 in major human salivary glands.Academic Article Why?
The Amount of MUC5B mucin in cervical mucus peaks at midcycle.Academic Article Why?
A recombinant bovine gallbladder mucin polypeptide binds biliary lipids and accelerates cholesterol crystal appearance time.Academic Article Why?
Acute stress causes mucin release from rat colon: role of corticotropin releasing factor and mast cells.Academic Article Why?
An unusual glycoform of human salivary mucin MG2.Academic Article Why?
Atomic force microscopy reveals aggregation of gastric mucin at low pH.Academic Article Why?
Bovine gallbladder mucin accelerates cholesterol monohydrate crystal growth in model bile.Academic Article Why?
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