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C. elegans CAND-1 regulates cullin neddylation, cell proliferation and morphogenesis in specific tissues.Academic Article Why?
Cathespin H is an Fgf10 target involved in Bmp4 degradation during lung branching morphogenesis.Academic Article Why?
CK2a is essential for embryonic morphogenesis.Academic Article Why?
Dihydrotestosterone stimulates branching morphogenesis, cell proliferation, and programmed cell death in mouse embryonic lung explants.Academic Article Why?
Lung morphogenesis revisited: old facts, current ideas.Academic Article Why?
NME genes in epithelial morphogenesis.Academic Article Why?
NPAS1 regulates branching morphogenesis in embryonic lung.Academic Article Why?
Primary sequence of ionic self-assembling peptide gels affects endothelial cell adhesion and capillary morphogenesis.Academic Article Why?
Regulation of early lung morphogenesis: questions, facts and controversies.Academic Article Why?
Yap and Taz are required for Ret-dependent urinary tract morphogenesis.Academic Article Why?
Cardoso, WellingtonPerson Why?
Etv4 and Etv5 are required downstream of GDNF and Ret for kidney branching morphogenesis.Academic Article Why?
Head size determination and the morphogenesis of satellite phage P4.Academic Article Why?
Molecular biology of hair morphogenesis: development and cycling.Academic Article Why?
Bacteriophage P2 head morphogenesis: cleavage of the major capsid protein.Academic Article Why?
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