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CEESIt: A computational tool for the interpretation of STR mixtures.Academic Article Why?
Mixtures of endocrine disruptors: how similar must mechanisms be for concentration addition to apply?Academic Article Why?
Dispersion measurement of inert gases and gas mixtures at 800 nm.Academic Article Why?
Determination of the possible number of genotypes which can contribute to DNA mixtures: Non-computer assisted deconvolution should not be attempted for greater than two person mixtures.Academic Article Why?
13C MAS NMR studies of crystalline cholesterol and lipid mixtures modeling atherosclerotic plaques.Academic Article Why?
Assessment of toxicologic interactions resulting from acute inhalation exposure to sulfuric acid and ozone mixtures.Academic Article Why?
Bayesian kernel machine regression for estimating the health effects of multi-pollutant mixtures.Academic Article Why?
Bayesian varying coefficient kernel machine regression to assess neurodevelopmental trajectories associated with exposure to complex mixtures.Academic Article Why?
Bias Amplification in Epidemiologic Analysis of Exposure to Mixtures.Academic Article Why?
Carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance studies of cholesteryl esters and cholesteryl ester/triglyceride mixtures.Academic Article Why?
Chemical mixtures and children''s health.Academic Article Why?
Chemical Mixtures and Combined Chemical and Nonchemical StressorsAcademic Article Why?
Clustering of temporal gene expression data with mixtures of mixed effects models with a penalized likelihood.Academic Article Why?
De novo peptide sequencing and quantitative profiling of complex protein mixtures using mass-coded abundance tagging.Academic Article Why?
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