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Enrichment of selective miRNAs in exosomes and delivery of exosomal miRNAs in vitro and in vivo.Academic Article Why?
Genomic profiling of microRNA and messenger RNA reveals deregulated microRNA expression in prostate cancer.Academic Article Why?
MicroRNA-339 and microRNA-556 regulate Klotho expression in vitro.Academic Article Why?
MicroRNA-370 controls the expression of microRNA-122 and Cpt1alpha and affects lipid metabolism.Academic Article Why?
A novel miRNA processing pathway independent of Dicer requires Argonaute2 catalytic activity.Academic Article Why?
An integrated miRNA functional screening and target validation method for organ morphogenesis.Academic Article Why?
Defining miRNA targets: balancing simplicity with complexity.Academic Article Why?
Dynamic linear model for the identification of miRNAs in next-generation sequencing data.Academic Article Why?
Dysregulation of miRNAs in AL amyloidosis.Academic Article Why?
Integrated expression profiles of mRNA and miRNA in polarized primary murine microglia.Academic Article Why?
MiRNAs as regulators of the response to inhaled environmental toxins and airway carcinogenesis.Academic Article Why?
Modulation of autophagy by miRNAs.Academic Article Why?
Study of plasma-derived miRNAs mimic differences in Huntington''s disease brain.Academic Article Why?
Zcchc11 uridylates mature miRNAs to enhance neonatal IGF-1 expression, growth, and survival.Academic Article Why?
Analysis of the Molecular Machinery of Micro RNA Processing PathwaysGrant Why?
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