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Patterns of autobiographical memory loss in medial-temporal lobe amnesic patients.Academic Article Why?
Role of the medial temporal lobes in relational memory: neuropsychological evidence from a cued recognition paradigm.Academic Article Why?
Using future thinking to reduce temporal discounting: Under what circumstances are the medial temporal lobes critical?Academic Article Why?
Neuropsychological Investigations of Human Amnesia: Insights Into the Role of the Medial Temporal Lobes in Cognition.Academic Article Why?
Fellow, Summer Institute: Medial Temporal Lobes and AmnesiaAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Verfaellie, MiekePerson Why?
A role for the medial temporal lobe in feedback-driven learning: evidence from amnesia.Academic Article Why?
Conditional discrimination learning in patients with bilateral medial temporal lobe amnesia.Academic Article Why?
Default network connectivity in medial temporal lobe amnesia.Academic Article Why?
Double dissociation of memory capacities after bilateral occipital-lobe or medial temporal-lobe lesions.Academic Article Why?
Impaired category fluency in medial temporal lobe amnesia: the role of episodic memory.Academic Article Why?
Intact implicit verbal relational memory in medial temporal lobe amnesia.Academic Article Why?
Losing sight of the future: Impaired semantic prospection following medial temporal lobe lesions.Academic Article Why?
Medial temporal lobe function and structure in mild cognitive impairment.Academic Article Why?
Working memory for conjunctions relies on the medial temporal lobe.Academic Article Why?
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