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Lysyl oxidase binds transforming growth factor-beta and regulates its signaling via amine oxidase activity.Academic Article Why?
Abnormal deposition of collagen around hepatocytes in Wilson's disease is associated with hepatocyte specific expression of lysyl oxidase and lysyl oxidase like protein-2.Academic Article Why?
Induction of lung lysyl oxidase activity and lysyl oxidase protein by exposure of rats to cadmium chloride: properties of the induced enzyme.Academic Article Why?
Multiple bone morphogenetic protein 1-related mammalian metalloproteinases process pro-lysyl oxidase at the correct physiological site and control lysyl oxidase activation in mouse embryo fibroblast cultures.Academic Article Why?
Lysyl oxidase: properties, specificity, and biological roles inside and outside of the cell.Academic Article Why?
A micromethod for the purification of lysyl oxidase.Academic Article Why?
Alpha-proton abstraction and carbanion formation in the mechanism of action of lysyl oxidase.Academic Article Why?
Beta-substituted ethylamine derivatives as suicide inhibitors of lysyl oxidase.Academic Article Why?
Binding of lysyl oxidase to fibrils of type I collagen.Academic Article Why?
Catalytic activity of aortic lysyl oxidase in an insoluble enzyme-substrate complex.Academic Article Why?
Changes in aortic lysyl oxidase activity in diet-induced atherosclerosis in the rabbit.Academic Article Why?
Changes in lung lysyl oxidase activity in streptozotocin-diabetes and in starvation.Academic Article Why?
Cloning of rat aorta lysyl oxidase cDNA: complete codons and predicted amino acid sequence.Academic Article Why?
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