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Impact of a bronchial genomic classifier on clinical decision making in patients undergoing diagnostic evaluation for lung cancer.Academic Article Why?
Integrative pathway genomics of lung function and airflow obstruction.Academic Article Why?
Brody, JeromePerson Why?
Spira, AvrumPerson Why?
Genomic medicine and lung diseases.Academic Article Why?
Derivation of a bronchial genomic classifier for lung cancer in a prospective study of patients undergoing diagnostic bronchoscopy.Academic Article Why?
A prediction model for lung cancer diagnosis that integrates genomic and clinical features.Academic Article Why?
Comprehensive molecular profiling of lung adenocarcinoma.Academic Article Why?
Integrative Genomics of Emphysema-Associated Genes Reveals Potential Disease Biomarkers.Academic Article Why?
Clinical decisions surrounding genomic and proteomic testing among United States veterans treated for lung cancer within the Veterans Health Administration.Academic Article Why?
Cardiovascular genomics, personalized medicine, and the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute: part I: the beginning of an era.Academic Article Why?
Genomic Landscape of Atypical Adenomatous Hyperplasia Reveals Divergent Modes to Lung Adenocarcinoma.Academic Article Why?
Genomics in the Diagnosis and Management of Lung CancerAcademic Article Why?
Evolving concepts in lung carcinogenesis.Academic Article Why?
Beane-Ebel, JenniferPerson Why?
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