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Accelerating the Implementation of Social Determinants of Health Interventions in Internal Medicine.Academic Article Why?
Assessing Performance of Internal Medicine Residents.Academic Article Why?
Assessing the effects of the 2003 resident duty hours reform on internal medicine board scores.Academic Article Why?
Assessment of disease-severity scoring systems for patients with sepsis in general internal medicine departments.Academic Article Why?
Barriers and facilitators of universal HIV screening among internal medicine residents.Academic Article Why?
Career differences between primary care and traditional trainees in internal medicine and pediatrics.Academic Article Why?
Choices of training programs and career paths by women in internal medicine.Academic Article Why?
Colorectal cancer screening and familial risk: a survey of internal medicine residents' knowledge and practice patterns.Academic Article Why?
Common diagnoses in internal medicine in Europe 2009: a pan-European, multi-centre survey.Academic Article Why?
Complexity in graduate medical education: a collaborative education agenda for internal medicine and geriatric medicine.Academic Article Why?
Comprehensive ambulatory medicine training for categorical internal medicine residents.Academic Article Why?
Contributions of general internal medicine teaching units: a national survey.Academic Article Why?
Debt, moonlighting, and career decisions among internal medicine residents.Academic Article Why?
Delay in obtaining conventional healthcare by female internal medicine patients who use herbal therapies.Academic Article Why?
Developing a Communication Curriculum and Workshop for an Internal Medicine Residency Program.Academic Article Why?
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